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Hellen kelere'd AGAIN


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You can't at the point of writiing this post, find this thread in the first three pages of google results by searching her username. I doubt it is even listed at all. For an employer to even know her username they would have to first search her real name. Searching her real name according to twitter, or her username found on twitter or youtube, offers the first result as her personal website and flickr where the primary subject is "submissive fetish bondange". It also pulls results for a bunch of other people named Ms Knight, or who have MsKnight as their screen name as well. The shit fit she threw over being warned to stop posting in the wrong subforums and breaking rules would have 0 impact on her "professional" life at all. Had she not massively overreacted and posted those insane rambling videos that is. The only way for an employer to now find this "reputation harming slanderous libel" (read: embarrasing tantrum on virtual lego game forum) would be through the videos she posted. And honestly I think those videos make her look way worse then anything we could do.

So she'd have a great case if she were suing herself! :negative:

Unfortunately she was pretty delusional if she thought she ever actually had a case. I can't imagine a single lawyer not laughing and thinking she's playing a joke. I know one who got quite a kick out of it. Yelling "I'm going to sue!" when someone hurts your feelings is what 4 year olds do. They'd probably have more success with it too.

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Seems like I missed most of an awesome thread due to travel. Oh well. I'll add some stuff anyway.


i would like to apologize for breaking the rules earlier in this thread. can you please remove the Hellen Keller thing

Give it some time. Even if no one pardons you, it wears off in a month.

It actually wears off in a week, or in this case now 4 days. I just felt like such a blatant rule violation deserved the avatar switch, but I didn't want to assign it for a month. Deal with it until Sunday.


First unwritten rule of Tekkit Forums: Don't argue with the MODS!

Second unwritten rule of Tekkit Forums: READ THE FLIPPING RULES BEFORE POSTING!!

Third unwritten rule of Tekkit Forums: don't be a dick when asking questions.

None of these are unwritten. Really. None.


In regards to the OP, any and all "warning" you might receive is in the rules. If you don't read them, and then you don't follow them, expect consequences. If you break the rules and don't get points/kellered/banned, it's like speeding and the cop never seeing you. You got lucky.

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By watching the train wreck that is her? (still in question with me...I thought I saw an adams apple) videos I noticed in the one where she is driving (big hands) that the jacket she has on has a crest of some type. Looks this Msknight might work in a school? Wonder if they know she is qualified to teach a course on bondage?

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From one of her many blogs,

Pure gold.


Male to Female transformation.

And thats were my stalking ends, enjoy.

Did you miss my previous post? you are pursuing a topic completely unrelated to her deuchery. It's not helpful or funny, it's petty, and unnecessary. There's plenty of muck to rake that's actually relevant.

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