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So, I've been working on a modpack unlike most others.  This one uses mods that are either rarely used, compliment each other, or simple don't duplicate other mods in the pack.  To that end, I give you "Painfully Simple". 

A brief outline of some of the anchor mods I'm using:

  • Tinker's Construct w/ IguanaTweaks -- Simply to limit how quickly folks get diamond.  I figure what's the point of having diamond within 10 minutes of the start of play?
  • EnderIO -- Sure I could have used other mods, but EnderIO offers machines with dual-purpose, as well as stackable conduits.  I can't stand it when conduits have to be next to each other taking up space that could be used for other things.  So put them into the space of one conduit and take back your space.
  • Thaumcraft 4 -- Provides some automation, epic armors, flight, and advanced mining.  Oh, and even more epic bosses and mobs.
  • Immersive Engineering -- Windmills and water wheels.  Need I say more?
  • Pistronics 2 -- cool things you can do with pistons and gears like massive gates that swing, or drawbridges that actually work!  Or how about a piston that can move a block more than one space?
  • Steve's Carts 2 -- basic level of farming.  Automated wood harvesting.
  • Railcraft -- a level of automation that is unparalleled with automatic switching and cart-linking!
  • OpenComputers -- this is a big one.  Ever written a Lua program and had to restart it everytime you enter a chunk or restart your game?  Well OpenComputers has a persistent operating system!  This means no more worrying about your robots and computers needing to be reset.  They'll simply pickup wherever they left off.
  • Optimizations -- I've included BetterFPS as well as Optifine to help with FPS output.  Typically, I can get FPS boosts of around 10-20%.  May not seem like much, but it helps.

And once I get the test-server the way I want it, I'll be opening that up to the public as well!

So, have I whet your appetites yet?  If so, check it out over here:  http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/painfully-simple.710004

Oh, and one more thing...be careful about digging dirt with just your hands...it could get "messy".  :)


Unique Power Options (Water Wheel from Immersive Engineering)



Massive Hills/Mountains (this one with a house on it)



Massive Biomes with biome blending (no hard biome changes) [Map by JourneyMap].  Here you can also see MASSIVE rivers and lakes, that (for the most part) are all interconnected:



I have other screenshots, but I'm sure you get the idea!  :)



Getting Started (Down and Dirty Tutorial):

  1. Gather some gravel (at least 3).
  2. Gather some wood (16 or more logs).
  3. Craft a crafting table.
  4. Read the "Materials and You Volume 1" book that you spawned with.  It will explain how to create the templates and tools to start with.  **Vanilla tools will not work!** You will need the Tinker's Construct tools.  You can craft vanilla tools, for recipes, but they won't work on their own for the player.  For drones/robots, they will though.
  5. To get the flint needed for the flint tools, place 3 or more gravel in your crafting bar in an 'L' shape.  3 gravel will yield 3 flint.  Flint doesn't drop natively when you dig gravel.
  6. Warning:  Don't harvest dirt without a spade/shovel.  You can, but then you have to kill the dirt monster that spawns.
  7. By now you should have some basic tools.  If done fast enough (as in you spawn near a gravel source), you should have enough time to dig yourself a hole to live in while you gather more resources for your first hut.  If not, at least craft a sword because the creepy-crawlers will be out for blood soon enough...
  8. Oh, and enjoy your adventure!  I enjoy the process, and I feel that you will too! :)


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