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Slowpoke (Feed the Beast creator) on the Technic pack


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There's nothing really to debate. I wouldn't get all worked up and ready for a show. It's just public relations that needs to be worked on. Kaker needs some time to get settled in; Three weeks away from home is a lot. Him getting back just means we can start discussing things as a group again.

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It's ok, people were being calm and resonable. Best to let it rest though. It's a go-nowhere discussion with a million factors to consider and no clear definite answer. No more legal chat, no matter who asks what.

Yeah, I was just trying to grasp it, and understand. I'd rather have knowledge when I speak and if I misunderstand something be corrected. But gotcha, no more legal chit chat. :)

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I'm glad to see this discussion happening.

I would not have had any interaction with any of these mods were it not for the initial discussion threads on Something Awful or this launcher. It wasn't a lack of awareness, it was a lack of interest. Debugging isn't fun. An evening spent rolling back the server because some interaction between items I dropped in my Bukkit folder or my .jar now cause instability, chunk corruption, or unbearable lag is a wasted evening. This was an ideal alternative. Interoperability and stability right out of the gate, with no more need to go sifting through Reddit, ad.fly links, or the Minecraft Forums when something needed a slight tweak.

It gave me a tool I could use to set everything up, let me know whose work I was enjoying, and let me know where and how to reward the individual authors for that work. It also let me safely ignore the larger community of online personalities who seem to exist solely to broadcast their social dysfunction. The problem with being introduced to modmakers via drama is that the drama quickly gets tuned out as noise. It doesn't matter if that drama comes from the modmaker directly or their fanbase. Noise is noise. Here, the noise gets filtered or squelched. (It also tends to get mocked.)

I've always figured that the launcher and the website would basically stick around until the modding API finally came to fruition, at which point it would no longer be necessary as a tool. Either that, or someone else would take the tool -- branch it -- and expand upon it. I watch the various spotlights and the one thing I have started to see more often is that the modmakers are showing a greater level of awareness. Direwolf20 and Slowpoke in particular have done a spectacular job at providing a venue for them to be seen and heard without all the usual noise and drama by being able to cast the spotlight on them as players, outside of their fanbase, and encouraging them to not just showcase their own work, but to get them play with all the new toys.

I'm starting to see interoperability by design rather than by hack.

And that's all I really wanted from the start. Something fun, which just works, and a general awareness of who to thank for it.

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K so am about 15-20 minutes into a sleeping tablet. sooo this post may be a bit weird or something. Things to debate while we wait for Kakermix to get settled in and catch up.

Who is the biggest doochback on here today.

1) Slowpoke101 for the most epic troll in history

3) Loorollthos for doing whatever he did on Youtube and silently disappearing into the misty nighty nighty.

3) JakJ for weing well almost human

4) Kakermix For not having settled in already and be itching to join in our little frey.

5) Darth Moogl for well being a Moogle.

I wouldnt hold much hope on the Mod API being a cure all fix to a mods life and installing mods. I think I will leave that comment till I am awake befoe justifying that.

Interoperability is the holy grail for the end user, I dont think we will ever get there. But as long as we all at least tring to get there. then wewill endeavor onwards into the breach my friends, we shall neva! surrender blah de blah blah blah;

yippeekayay meme

wow dizzy.

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Well, he's already almost obliterated every good word he's said on this forum, in another thread, and in this one he sounds like a drunkard, so I recommend you (if you are some sort of Teamspeak or RL friend) to remove him from the Internet until he is "recovered".

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Well, I'm locking this thread as it seems to have outlived its purpose. It also had the unpleasant effect of spilling over and contaminating another thread that had to be quarantined to prevent the zombie infection (read: rage virus) from spreading on both sides. There's not much more to discuss here: things are changing in the background of technic (courtesy of CheapShot's hard work) whether we can sit here and talk constructively or not; and seeing as there's the innate propensity of all things internet to tend towards unconstructive, this is a preemptive strike.

If someone brings this stuff up in a new thread, know I will personally be watching both sides very closely for unconstructive sentiments.

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