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When will tekkit update to 1.3


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We don't know when it'll come out. But it'll certainly be faster if you make ten other threads like this one, without forgetting to sign your name at the end of the post. You could also try writing in ALL-CAPS, so they work even harder.

Xylord! you forgot to mention that OP also should PM all mods/admins asking for updates.

That's super-important!

And post this thread in different sections!

Gosh, this is common knowledge. How could you forget this?

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Got it, man i spent way too long looking for this thread.

An excellent fellow by the name of Pilchard123 posted a response to a eta request for 1.2.5.

Looks like it didn't do go through the forum update very well, but here it is.

My god! What kind of archeological dig have you done? I havent seen linkthegamer for Ages!

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