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[3.1.2] TekVentures [24/7][75 Slot][PVP/Grief][CustomBiomes][Towny][MCmmo][Limited EE][TreasureHunt]


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Name: bob43481

Age: 15

Time i can play a day: Up to 2 hours on a weekday, 3-4 hours a weekend

Time i do play: Up to 2 hours on a weekday, 3-4 hours a weekend

What i know about tekkit: I understand most categories of tekkit apart from computers, all other areas i fully understand

Why i want o be admin: i would like to be an admin so i can help around the server, wherever possible and to help other people who require it.

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The server is fantastic. The only thing I can think of that bugs me is that alot of people log in, see there's no EE, and other things that can easily manifest into Economic disaster and rage, then log out.

edit: I find it really cool when a player tries this server out after expecting so much in the beginning, and it turns out they do like it without EE.

This server needs more publicity/upfront information.

For those players I mentioned that rage, they will join another EE server, play it for 6 hours, and repeat for perhaps a week, because end game items are easily possible to acquire in 6 hours.

After a while, they should settle down and realize that sometimes it's the challenge, and establishing of resources that's fun.

Well...That and most of the players immediately ask to join someone. But then again, I can't blame them, for I am the same way.


I came across this server specifically looking for enabled CC, and disabled EE, and it happens to be my favorite out of my previously attended servers.

Alot of the banned items are expected for most reasons, and this server's blacklist almost matches another server I used to play full time on. It's still running, but I didn't like some parts of it.

The server's great though.

I have a team of about 10 players :D

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I am actually working on that few things as well as more. I have a list i'm going through and am picking what comes in first. Everything should be close to done this weekend. I've got an extra day off work to be able to do things that needs to be done! thanks everyone for playing!

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I have no idea if this will give me more diamonds, but I don't care really XD me and my guys work on building up and tearing down in this server and really appreciate how much support and value we glean from the admins on this server. LOoking forward to the 1.3 update. TEKV = THE BEST

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I just want to say im making a youtube series called tekkit the way it should be and i think that the biomes id gonna help a lot anyway if you would like to help out or be featured tell me when i'm online my username is Poomoney1 see ya there and i hope you have fun. Piece Off!!!

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