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[3.1.2] TekVentures [24/7][75 Slot][PVP/Grief][CustomBiomes][Towny][MCmmo][Limited EE][TreasureHunt]


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Hey why can't I get connected to the server right now? Did yall change the IP or something? I need to get on right away so that I can vote for the server and then put that money in my towns bank. If I don't I lose my town and I would really hate that. Please get back with me as soon as possible.

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I love this server, even though me and Mjclone "got off on the wrong foot" i think he's an pretty awesome dude. I love going on here because of all the hard word Mjclone and who ever else help.

i have not seen a more better server than Mjclone's. He is also one of the best server owners ever.

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It's a pretty good server here's what I think.






No griefers



Too many items are only available through donating

The only way to gain a good amount of money is through voting for the server or donating (you can get a small amount for killing mobs)

What I would change:

make mobs drop more money upon death instead of only 4:50 maybe 50-100

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