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[3.1.2] TekVentures [24/7][75 Slot][PVP/Grief][CustomBiomes][Towny][MCmmo][Limited EE][TreasureHunt]


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Still, you did not need to be an ass about it.

Yes actually I do because it says right in the rules on ever rule bored you see on any server you go to, to not talk about servers at all. So you dont know how to follow the rules then your banned! Sorry thank you!

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I would Like to say that MJ YOU are a genious. This is the only server which I just joined and donated on my first day. So I was walking in the woods and damn, those woods are so sexy. Reminded me of lord of the rings. I also think that the above ground nether is awesome but the only problem is nether rack, where do you get it? And blazes. But that's the only issue I have with this server. If you do need me as staff here's my email [email protected] and I would be happy to write an application for ya. Anyways, the donator perks is incredible. It's not like those other server with like "you get a stack of iron ingots for donating 90$" no it's more like "you get a dark matted shovel, dark matted pickaxe, jetpack, wolf ring, all nano armour, bow ring, bunch of diamond tools, EE condenser for 65$ etc" it makes it so much fun and acceptable. Well done MJ well done. Because of this server, I hardly play minecraft anymore. You are the best.

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WE DO NOT HAVE EE/Condensers! Thanks!

Server IP: (old)tekv.servegame.com/(new)tekventures.net

50 75 Slots

To join the server you must be using the Tekkit Launcher:

Launcher Download

Server is better viewed with

Sphax PureBDcraft

Download the pack with all mods combined with Sphax Pack

click here!

I DO NOT take any credit for any of the packs.


We have spent long hours getting this server ready for you. We strive to make our community happy and keep a well balanced economy. We are a limited pvp, griefing server. Meaning that we allow all griefing out side of spawn and towns that have been made. We encourage everyone to take the effort to read the in-game rules and how to's. We made this server have custom biomes and have a great challenge for everyone. We are running on a dedicated server as of 11/7/2012, 1gbps connection. As days go on we are editing configs and fixing bugs as we move on. Server has been public for a month (11/7/2012) We do get about 20 players on the weekends and hope to have more soon! Please enjoy and have fun!


  1. No Spamming or advertising of other servers

  2. No Griefing around spawn or Towns

  3. No Hack clients or any type of hacks

  4. No PVP right out side spawn or Towns (unless town is pvp enabled)

  5. Don't kill new players

  6. Read in-game rules

  7. Have any questions about using Towny, LWC use /warp howto

  8. No Fighting, insulting, or racism IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

  9. Please have fun

  10. Don't ask to be staffed, play with us & be loyal & see what happens

  11. Don't dig straight down!

  12. To be able to be a mod/admin you will have to play and show your loyalty to the owner and server.
  13. DON'T Swaer, cuss or use any fowl language in general chat. Party's and whispers are ok!


Server Plugins

  • LWC- (Will allow you to save your pipes, chests, and a lot more)
  • Towny- (Makes a plot so people can't grief or pvp you in it)
  • Trade- (Lets you trade with others with out throwing things down)
  • Slots- (want to make more money try the slots)
  • ChestShops- (will be able to make shops in the /warp shops area)
  • MCmmo- (Allows you to gain skills to get more rewards)
  • MobBounty- (Killing mobs never will be the same)
  • Backup- (backs up the world and plugins)
  • No Cheat- (for those that like to cheat)
  • Virtual Pack- (my higher ranked players use a virtualChest not losing anything in it)
  • Hawkeye- (block logger plus more-admin use only)

Disabled/Restricted Plugins and Items

1. We took out the Weapons mod. It was buggy

2. All are items are restricted so you can get them in different ways

3. EE items that can make EMC is disabled but can be gained

4. The way the server is setup EMC gen would hurt the economy

5. List is getting updated very soon!


Town Spawn




The Custom Biomes

This one is of a hell biome and a mountain biome.


More mountains and some forest.


Hell Biome with a Swamp feeling!


Well hope to see you inside the world of TekVentures!!!

You see the server down by all means let me know on here Thanks!

Very nice biomes i have been to a few they can have very rare materials btu easy to find.

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