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Technomancy: Unfold v4 | Tech, Magic, Adventure and More+ | Including 170+ Mods


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This is my first modpack in technic, so please go easy on me.. :3:


Technimancy: Unfold is a Technology based magic and adventure twisted modpack which is great for minecraft beginners and as well as professionals. it contains 170+ useful and popular mods like Buildcraft, Industrial Craft, Galacticraft, Applied Energistics, Draconic Evolution and Blood Magic

A detailed mod list will be in this link

The game play is mostly finding a proper terrain to live and gather resources and build your self up until you conquer all the dimensions and at the end be powerful enough to face the chaos guardian in the chaos islands...among deadly mobs always looking to kill you  

Download modpack: Click here

Help and Support: Click here


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