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Solar panel help please

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Hey guys


this is my first post on this forum, i have been playing tekkit classic for a few days now and I am now using solar panels (industrial craft) to power my base, me and my friends started our own private server yesterday. My base is fairly small with only extractor, electric furnace, compressor and macerator. I do intend to expand it but at the moment I am using 25 solar panels and I am not recieving nearly enough energy. What would you guys reccomend I do. I need advice on how many I should build and install as well. 

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A few LV arrays should power your machines fine. I would make those, as they are equivalent to 8 solar panels in a single block. Be aware that solar panels don't generate energy if there is a solid block above them or if it is night. If you haven't already, use a batbox to store your excess energy.

In the early to mid game, i would recommend geothermal generators instead or solar panels. All you have to do is pump a lava pool into them. One bucket of lava gives you about 20000 Eu, which should cover all your energy needs. 

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