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I have come back to minecraft after a break of about 2 years and redownloaded the technic laucher to find that the staff/ updating the modpacks is inexistent. There been no new ones and the last update for one was about a year ago. Just wondering is this laucher dead...... What happened to it?

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people stopped coming to the forums. We got much more traffic on our Discord server.

As for the packs, CanVox, our main modpack dev, got a job in Twitch so he left

the other admins got busy with real life and so pack development has come to a freeze.

We are still moderating, we still have staff. We just don't develop packs much more. To be honest, how can we compete with the millions of packs that we have today? The platform is filled with everything everyone can imagine. The community itself is doing packs now

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