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tl:dr : just fucking read it you won't regret it:dong:(why does technic have a dong emoji?)

While I have your attention, I want to say we all know that modded minecraft has been dead lately.  Technic hasn't posted an official pack in years and it sucks.

What I want to do is see just how many people would be willing to play a modded server if there was a new official pack.  I believe it could bring Technic back to life to some degree.
For example, I remember when Voltz and Hexxit FIRST came out, they were very different and fueled Technic as well as many modded servers.  Modded minecraft is fun, but modded minecraft where you can fight, raid, and kill other people is much more fun.  The problem is, there are never any servers for most of the community packs that are coming out, and the very few that do have servers are usually empty.

I would be willing to attempt to put together maybe two modpacks with two servers if there are actually people willing to play, its just so hard to find people to play on your server or even find your modpack.  My plan would be to make one server cater to one group who maybe likes technology, automation, etc and have another server cater to those who maybe like magic, adventure, etc.  Of course depending on what players want there is a lot of room to create different types of servers.

Honestly I feel like if I put together everything like the modpack, server, spawn, and overall ideas for what I want to do, then I could try to reach out to maybe some of the Technic staff to get my packs on official.  It sounds like a huge stretch and it is, but I believe if I make it presentable and good enough, there really won't be a reason to say no. 

THE ONLY REASON i want to do this is simply because nobody else is.  I'd love to see a new official modpack with a populated server and to be honest, any modpack that is posted on the official will spark publicity for the platform as well as bring players in to the servers on that particular modpack.  It is especially easy to get players on the server when it is an official server for the modpack which is what I want to create.

I honestly don't expect this to go anywhere, but if any of you are interested let me know and I will get together some more details and start getting to work on more finalized ideas.

Thanks for reading, if you want more details or want to talk about it, comment and I'll be trying to reply as fast as possible.

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Technic is not dead. This forum is stagnating, yes, but that has very little impact on people playing on servers and packs.

CanVox came from literally nowhere and made a pack called BigDig. That caught the admins attention and made him an admin and our modpack dev back in the day.

The only reason we don't have any new pack updates is because we don't have a pack developer. CanVox left for work reasons and nobody has stepped up to fill his place.


If you think you can take his place then go ahead and make a pack. Because all I see is words but no shown effort. You only got about thousands of other packs on the platform to compete with. :derp:


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