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The thng broke (A Satire)


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I've concluded that this thread has devolved to a level where you just post to rack up your post count. At least add some substance, or something funny. Jesus, this is supposed to be a satire, not a place for people to act stupid and show off their epeen.

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So I've come to the conclusion that Technic is an asshat! No other people than tehcnic devs should respond to this otherwise that person is also a bad troll and an asshat!

For starters, I noticed you banned the FTB creator Slowpoke. This was an mistake by technic devs, in my opinion, cuz your reputation as "being honest" only went down when you banned the most truthful and honest guy in thhis modding communitny!!

Your second mistake was to ignore the peoples wishes AND PRODUCE LIST OF PERMISSSIONS!!!!! How hard cant that be GOSHH!????

You say you are "legit now" but wheres the proof??!?!? I've only seen technic trolls lolling " LoL WE GOT PERMZ SO SHADDAP NUBCAKE!!" but where is this list then?? HUh??

Furhtermore, as far as respect is being dealt with, how can anyone take you guys seriously when you treat people HORRIBLY AND DEFAME A BLIND DEFF WOMAN!?!?!?

Using Hellen Keler is disgraceful and shud not be used! Fine I get the point " hurr durr users dont read rulz, we punish user" but that is WRONG!!!

If you take the time to point out to users they are doing wrong, direct and guide them how you guys run your show I bet they will understand.

But I guess its too late cuz Slowpoke is taking over the market and the final nail to the coffin of technick is when Yougscast moves over to FTB!


This is just a final farewell to technick as it rolls over and dies, and we will all laugh at you who still cling to the sinking ship!

Those of you who are clever will migrate now when you still got a chance!

FTB is a great community, has permz from modders, has modders in the FORUMS! and best of all the FTB people run the FORGE server where technic devs arent even invited!!

So all of u who still are here, move over to FTB and leave this sinking ship!! Technic is Dying!!

With regards

ex-Technic user, present and future FTB active member

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