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[1.0.6] PAW Gaming Network [Whitelist][No-PvP][All mods][Lockette]

PAW Gaming

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PAW Gaming was created back in late January. We originally started as a Faction server, but as we looked at all the other servers being advertised, we noticed that there were a million other Faction servers out there. Then, we switched to Creative. Originally we thought this would be a pretty good idea, because we thought people liked Creative servers. Guess not. THEN, we switched to Survival. That, by far, was our best decision.

We had the regular Minecraft survival server up for a month, and we wanted to give more to

the players. We didn't think there was enough, so we added Tekkit. Now, players have a whole lot more to do, and donators get more too. Welcome to PAW Gaming Network.


- Commandbook

- Lockette

- Worldedit

- Swatchdog

- WorldGuard

- iConomy

- CreeperControl

- Yapp ( Permissions and Groups )

- Announcer


1. No Griefing

2. No Hacking/cheating

3. No spamming

4. No Advertising

5. No random towers

6. Be respectful

7. No fighting in chat

8. Don't ask for staff positions

9. No excessive caps

10. Have fun.


In-Game Name:


Tekkit Experience:

Why us?:

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In-Game Name: jearwin

Age: 20

Tekkit Experience: Well i ahave been playing tekkit for almost 2 years now, and have experience

in both tekkit classic and lite and would like to find a friendly server willing to let me experience The new tekkit now!

Why us?: Well i love your whitelisting thread and the first one to post. so may i join ;D?

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IGN: xNecarox

Age:18(19 next week)

Experiences: I tend to work well with others and I do like to work on making secret bases far away from spawn.also have some prior experience with classic

Why you?: well you don't seem to have much apps so i figured why not apply and be one of the people who join and have a head start before everyone else

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In-Game Name: spartan5573


Tekkit Experience: New to this version of tekkit. Play ALOT of tekkit classic still, expert with computercraft, and good with buildcraft. Been playing a long time on classic

Why us?:Whitelist servers typically have better staff, and better communities. Plus, this server hasn't banned a bunch of the mods unlike the others, and is no-grief and is survival.

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Tekkit Experience:Tekkit itself? Not very much but with the mods themselves quite a lot. I learned most of my stuff in ftb and wanted to have fun with Galacticraft and Dimension doors.

Why us?: Loved the thread and the fact all mods are enabled.

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Ign: fyemo

Age: 12

Tekkit experience: Quite a bit with the older kinds and yogbox, but things like Big Dig I haven't played much. I also know about galacticraft a bit.

Why Us?: Because I've been looking for a white-listed server that is actually good and has most to all mods enabled.

P.S I'm not like the 12 year olds you see spraying profanity all over the internet. I'm quite mature. I hope you consider my white-list application.

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In-Game Name:IsaacC1203


Tekkit Experience: I've played it for a little while, got plenty of experience with the individual mods like mystcraft & applied energistics

Why us?: Whitelisted servers tend to be a loooot nicer.

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In-Game Name: diamondeye83

Age: 14

Tekkit Experience: I've played Tekkit since it existed. Technic since v2

Why us?: there are hardly any no pvp servers, and even fewer with a plugin selection that I like. I hope to be able to play with you soon!

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In-Game Name:YuSuFi


Tekkit Experience: played a ton of classic tekkit even before it became classic tekkit.

Why us?: It's hard to find decent no-pvp server, and i have heard whitelisted server has a better community so i would like to give this server a go.

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