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What are the new equipment slots for when you press 'O'?

James S

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It was like that when Tekkit/Technic first started out. Hexxit isn't even a month old. There's a wiki and all, but nobody's contributed to it yet.

Aw. As one who has contributed to said wiki, that makes me sad.

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It's especially annoying for mods that don't event have the information on their main page, and the only way to get the info is to look for youtube videos. 30 mins video when I only need 1min's worth of content? No thanks.

I'm slowly getting used to the new mods, so I'll probably help the wiki to spare other people this process. I need to finish my house and learn how to use vanilla hoppers first though :)

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who cares if its tinkers construct its broken and if its legend gear we need a Zelda geek or to find the gear which is impossible

It's not broken, it's incomplete. You can make Heart Canisters and place them in this GUI, and you can also make a Knapsack to place there.

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