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Anachronism Stew: A Modpack for the Custom and Strong!


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Anachronism Stew


What is it?:

Anachronism Stew is a modpack dedicated to appearence and strength, with zero damns given to graphic themes like apocalypse, fantasy, or sci-fi. There's a good amount of adventure, with plenty of items and only a couple of mods! Nobody will care about wizards wearing power armor, flying in space on a dragon (except the dragon, they need air to live, like most beings.) Not only this, but the modpack is very easy on resources, containing no graphical mods like Optifine and shaders.


What are the specific Mods included in this pack?

As of right now, Anachronism Stew contains 21 mods (gotta quit forgetting about some mods):





Modular Powersuits

Modular Powersuits Addons

Carpenters' Blocks

Flan's Mod (I'm unsure about whether or not the mod's permissions will allow me to use it. I'll take it down if Flan asks me to.) -Includes Modern Weapons and Titan Pack.


NEI, WR-CBE, Ender Storage

Antique Atlas


Ars Magica 2

Dragon Mounts

Tconstruct (with added Steel making)

Roguelike Dungeons

Doom-like Dungeons

Advanced Genetics (I was given permission for this: "You can use Advanced Genetics in your modpack. " ~ObsiLP's PM)

Wasteland Mod (I was also given permission for this: "You have my permission. If you need any help, with anything regarding my mod, then feel free to ask. " ~MrSpring's PM)


Thaumcraft 4



What Can I do to help?

Simply suggest mods, and play on the server I included in the modpack. (Underground Miner does not use Anachronism Stew, and therefore can only be visited with Vanilla Minecraft 1.7.4.) If you visit Underground Miner, you can find me and ask me something there as well. There is one rule to suggesting mods, however.


That means  NO Calclavia mods and NO Mo' Creatures. Read their stance on public modpacks before asking me. Failure to do so will result in me ignoring your requests, and blocking you.

As of making Anachronism Stew, I am in need of a proper background, icon, and official server for the pack! PM me your appropriate backgrounds, servers, or icons!



Server File Download Here! (Check the mod links for more info on how to change the worldgen options!)


Modpack Link Here!

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BTW Thaumcraft's permissions has changed :)

When was that? Last time I checked it was No Modpacks. Maybe it was just like a couple days ago. Now I'm actually considering adding it. Just gonna do some testing with it again.

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