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Stone Path - Mr. Crayfish Furniture mod


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Okay, I don't think this counts as a bug, but it's certainly a bit strange. My compound was messed up by a Tornado before they changed the default config to stop damaging the landscape and when I was filling in the chasm it caused I decided to beautify the area around my house with the Stone Path blocks from the Mr. Crayfish's Furniture mod. I've since noticed that the hostile mobs seem to be confused by the paths. I just had a hoard of zombies and spiders making noise outside my house while I was trying to get stuff done and I decided to go out and slaughter them to get some peace and quiet. I went out the front door and around the corner where I waited for them to come to me. The spiders came straight at me with no problem, but every time a zombie hit one of the Stone paths they started jumping in place. Later I noticed a creeper doing the same thing. I'm guessing that the mob AI is confused about the height of the block and keeps trying to jump to get on top of the Path block even though the block has no added height. Depending on where I stand, they seem to find their way off the Path block eventually, but it certainly helps kill off a lot of mobs when they get hung up like that.

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