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Sphax for Attack of The B Team

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AotB is just an abbreviation for Attack of the B-team.


What I mean was, did you combine this with this?

Yeah, you need to drop the "assets" folder from the AotB pack into the original (same resolution) sphax pack for mc vanilla, then place that down in your "resource packs" folder and it should work! :)

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I am using x128 on my computer (Win 7 64bit with Java 7 latest version and 6 GB RAM allocated for minecraft/Technic) without any issues. So I am sure that it works :)

I am using 7-zip for all the work, it should work with winrar as well (why ever one would still use that one).


What I did was the following:


  1. Download Sphax for Minecraft 1.6.4 (either x64 or x128) -> DO NOT USE the version for 1.7.x or 1.5.x (or older). It has to be the version for 1.6.4
    Either http://adf.ly/564553/spbdc-64-mc16 (x64) or http://adf.ly/564553/spbdc-128-mc16 (x128)
  2. You should end up with a ZIP file (do NOT unpack!), put it in a directory you know and find again
  3. Download the PATCH for "Attack of the B-Team" from Sphax (either x64 or x128)
    http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patches-rel-packs/attack-the-team-t1800.html (for Version 1.9.0c of Attack of the B-Team)
  4. You should now have two ZIP files
  5. I usually create another folder and COPY those two ZIP files in that (so you have the original ones still as backup)
  6. I open both with 7-zip (do NOT extract, just OPEN!!)
  7. You end up with two 7zip window, one with the minecraft stuff and one with the patch for AotBT
  8. I then go in the folder called "asset" of the patch, mark ALL of the folders in there, and drag&drop them into the "asset" folder of the minecraft-zip (hence adding the AotBT-Stuff into the minecraftzip)
  9. This can take a while
  10. After that I close both window (it may want to rezip the whole thing again)
  11. When both zips are closed I rename the minecraft (which now holds both zips in one) accordingly.
  12. If it fails, you still have the two files in another folder as backup
  13. Open Technic Launcher and start AotBT, open "Option", then "Ressource Pack", add the ZIP to the folder which is presented to you.
  14. The new pack should now be available to chose
  15. Choose it and WAIT...it can take some minutes to show up (it takes about 60 seconds on my computer the first time).

Good luck

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I have also done all of this EXACTLY as described above. When I load MC for AotBT, the new Sphax pack (the one with both MC and the patch combined) shows up under the resource pack tab, but it won't let me click on it.

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My game is running off 3G. I tried last night running the 64x instead of 128x and that works, so I guess that's what I'll be using. I just thought it was interesting that the 128x wouldn't work for me, even though I should have enough memory to run it.

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It crashes mine as well so I had to stop using it. I combined them correctly. A friend of mine did the same and has no issues, but mine was crashing whenever a particular type of grass was nearby to be drawn.

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