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Adding More Magic Mods?


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True, but in my opinion, witchery and necromancy don't really tickle my fancy. I don't see them as being 'magical' mods as all you do is just throw stuff in a circle. where as in Ars Magika you actually can create different spells based on what components and modifiers you throw in.


I don't know, I just wanted to see what people's opinions on the matter were. Thanks for sharing.

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I think OpenBlocks and RandomThings are decent replacements for ExtraUtilities. I don't know, I feel that where the pack is now is fine. If you add in more it really will just start bloating the already massive modpack. Plus thinking on the configuration side of things, more and more configs leaves more and more room for mistakes. Also think about mods as Massive as Thaumcraft and ArsMagica. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic mods but they don't fit the realm imo. Although those mods are fantastic, I don't know if the pack creators will ever add them. But as you stated above. Adding them in on your own is not a big deal. 

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