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Hey guys I could use some help with my config files. First off in the fossil and archaeology mod, I was trying to turn off the block breaking effect that the T-Rex and brontosaurus have but I haven't had any success. Here is a copy on that file:


general {

I have reloaded that mod-pack after tweaking it and the dinos still break the blocks. Any advice?
The next issue is with the tropicrafts mod. Im trying to white-list myself and a friend to be able to use the coconut bombs but still no luck: 
    # Message that will be displayed when someone without permission tries to use a coconut bomb
    S:cocoBombWarning=You do not have permission to use coconut bombs :) Check the coconut bomb whitelist in the Tropicraft config file!
    # List of users who can use coconut bombs.
    S:coconutBombWhitelist=Ram_Whitehearth KaroniSigara
Not sure why its not working but I could really use some help.
Thanks for your time,
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I believe the user list is comma separated, but not entirely sure. You may need to look at the mods original post on the minecraft forums for information on this or ask the mod creator directly (or await a response from someone here who knows)


As for the block breaking, make sure your game is closed out completely (launcher can be running) before saving the changes otherwise the game will not notice the changes and may overwrite them when the game closes.

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Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that - they don't actually break, but they do appear to break if you don't change the same thing in the config on the client.  They'll be stuck just fine behind those fences.


Edit: Don't walk into the holes on the client or you'll get stuck when the server doesn't let you move or fall.  Relogging fixes it.

Edited by Loader
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The client config would be in the same location as the server config, just instead of the server folder itd be in the modpack folder for the player.


Also, you can try a semi-colon as a separator, it's another common one to be used. If not, you will need to head to mcf and post on the tropicraft forum.

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Just giving you guys an update. Got both issues fixed. The coconut bombs are usable if you white-list yourself in both the server config file and the client config file. If there is multiple people that you want using the bombs separate their names with a coma when white-listing them. I also fixed the block breaking bug, just had to change both the client and server config files and it works. Loader and Kalbintion you guys rock!!! Thanks so much for your help and time.


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