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Need help? NEW Attack of the B-Team Series

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print "Hello World!"
Come check out my "Minecraft: Attack of The B-Team" series and other Minecraft videos!
*If you need HELP with a mod, let me know and I will make a video with instructions to help.
Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team EP 4 - What Big Chests you have!

Minecraft:Attack of the B-Team EP 1 - YES Diamonds!

Minecraft:Attack of the B-Team EP 2 - Carpenter's Job


Minecraft:Attack of the B-Team EP 3 - I'm on FIRE! x2


I'm a Nerd, Techie, and Gamer and love uploading Minecraft game play videos on YouTube.
In a nutshell I'm a Nerd.
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APPLY here http://bit.ly/1o9LwXJ to join FULLSCREEN
###Upload Schedule###
Sunday: [Planning]
Monday: App-Aid[Helpful Apps(Tools, Games & Others) to get you through the week]
Tuesday: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team[um...Minecraft with mods]
Wednesday: Flash Wednesdays[Embrace hump day with a Fun Flash Game]
Thursday: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team[um...Minecraft with mods]
Friday: Indie Game Night[indie Game Spotlight. Do you even WASD?]
Saturday: Minecraft Mod Review[Duh a Minecraft Mod Review]
Yottaday: Eighth day of the week! I would call it Yottaday. Do you know why?
P.S. - Motherboards Rock
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