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Best Tech-Based Base Contest (No actual rewards or winners)


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Dear TechnicPack Users!


I'm just starting a simple never-ending contest where people around the world post a screenshot of their epic tech-based base setup. The pictures can be from multiple different modpacks, which might raise awareness for said modpacks.

It can be multiple pictures, so long as they all show unique items in them, but they can include items from other pictures if it cannot be helped which is fine.

The contest does not require only technology based pictures, but it is recommended as magical and farm based items and setups are usually very large and very hard to understand.

There is no reward, I will not be naming a winner, nor will I expect to win (I usually have a very simple but effective base setup).

If this post is going to be closed due to a similar post, please point it out to me as I have looked and have not found it.

Maybe people will actually post relevant content here? That would be nice.


Best Regards - *signed name stolen by wild Mankey!*

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Masterzh's build is great, no denying that. But he doesn't hold monopoly on anything that anyone can think of to build. I for one enjoy seeing what other people has created.

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Since I am experiencing >problems with posting pictures, I will resort to posting links of them.


I got around and took a few pictures of my base. First up, an outside view of the Golden Pyramid:



My reactor is most buried in the ground. Two power taps connect to my two main lines running under the floor.



I got a preliminary laser assembly to craft circuits:



And there is of course my >diamond generator. Using lots of technology and a little alchemy, this assembly turns lava into diamonds:



I am planning to get more sophisticated, but first I will look into more mods. Still need to check quite a few out and see what they do.

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Certainly going to be posting my epic construction once I am done with it.


For those that want an idea of what it is going to be like: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


Making sort of a replica but not really, going to have the same room layout and such, but going to be having totally different machine designs and stuff like that.  I love the way it looks, and I am not creative, but I like making machine setups myself.

Also doing it all "legit."  The reason why that is in quotes is because I spawned the marble for the white tower thing.  It is a pretty much pointless building and fuck getting that much marble.

Going to be making a few modifications too, probably going to be adding a runway.  This gets kind of weird in terms of the thread, but I am not running stock tekkit, running a really heavily modified tekkit that includes a lot of mods some friends and I like.  We have been playing for a while now, and I am the only one who is going for an aesthetic build because it takes so much damn resources and is kind of pointless

I would post the pack, but I manage it using a solder install hosted off of my home network.  It slows down my network massively when someone downloads it, so I don't want just anyone to download it.

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That is a daunting task ahead of you miniboxer, however I request at least one third of your build be original, say, the layout of the rooms. If you mix up the layout of the rooms, it would be acceptable.

However it is still entirely up to you, I just don't want to see 50 entries of the same thing just made by different people.

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Does a base that is little more then a huge, cluttered, Big Reactors testing complex count?  Then I submit the following for my initial base. ;)


Big Reactors Testing Complex.


It has many reactors, of all sizes, ranging from tiny single rod reactors only capable of outputting less then 130RF/tick, small 5 core reactors producing steam to run the various testing turbines, up to the massive reactors in the bottom left.  The biggest, capable of producing 160KiRF/tick, and the ones just to the right of it able to produce over 100KiRF/tick.


the building is incomplete, obviously.


Working on an actual techy base that is an airship with a big reactors core and 4 small, wide turbines acting as stand in lift engines to keep it aloft.  Think of it as a hover carrier.  When it's done, I'll post pictures of it here for viewing.


:Edit: Yeah, the reactor testing complex is in creative.  it covers about 8 x 14 chunks and is by no means finished.  I'll probably never stop working on it.  This world is where I go when I want to test out ideas with Big Reactors mod.  theories, designs, steam transfer systems, water piping systems, turbine designs, and turbine power ring material testing all takes place here.

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Ok now for my actual tech base.  This is the Tactical Hovercarrier; Theodore Schmelt.  She is a light tactical reconasisce carrier of the Minecraftia 328th Militia.  Her design utilizes advanced anti-radar covering and noise reduction technology to allow her to move into hostile regions with low risk of detection.


This is a field picture taken by a captured creeper agent.  The agent ended his own life before we were able to extract further info from him.


Ground view of the carrier, while she hovers over the forest near a suspected enemy stronghold.


Recent changes in militia regulations has allowed us to show several declassified pictures of non-sensative parts of this marvelous carrier.


Above view of the carrier, taken from a Baracuda assault craft as it circled in for a landing inside the carrier.  Note the three long range tactical redeployement shuttles(galacticraft rockets) on the aft of the carrier.


A picture of the one still stored Baracuda assault craft, inside the hanger bay of the hovercarrier.  The Baracuda is a rugged workhorse of the Minecraftia Militia, with many years of service under it's belt.


The view looking forward, inside the hanger bay of the hovercarrier.  The hanger has room too hold 2 Baracudas on the launch rails and 1 more in the fore repair and refit area of the hanger.  The fore section of the hanger houses all the storage for repairing, refitting and rearming the Baracudas for missions outside the influence of the hovercarriers armaments.


The Command and Observation area of the hovercarrier is roomy and has a wide field of view thanks to the lowered deck position and plenty of blast protected canopy.  The Commander has good tactical awareness from the center chair and the many displays all at a quick glance from his station.


The beating heart of the hovercarrier is it's compact 5 core reactor.  Utilizing the potential power inherient in the strange Yellorite ore discovered deep underground, it keeps the whole hovercarrier powered over extended deployment without the need for long and complicated refueling stops.


Any supplies needed by the hovercarrier or the Baracudas can easily be supplied by the internal processing and assembly stations inside the lower deck of the hovercarrier.  No part is too complex or labor intensive for these stations too handle.


And lastly, no hovercarrier is complete without the lift generated by its four Theriton +5100RF/tick, ducted thrust turbo fan lift engines.  These amazing engines give the hover carrier it's lengthy staying power and heavy lift capability.  Even if one engine should fail for some reason, the others can compinsate, keeping the hovercarrier aloft and mobile while repairs are made.  And their durable design means any repairs are few and far between.

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I must say that is incredibly impressive, and I hope to see a mod that adds actual flight capability to such a craft in the future.

What makes it all the more impressive is that I'm going to pretend it was all made in survival :D

Archimedes Ships mod allows flight like that

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