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[Whitelist] Brand New B-Team Server — Looking to Keep it Somewhat Small

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Minecraft Username:





A bit about yourself:

I've been playing for two years or so. I'm interested in functional builds and large wooden boxes full of crafting tables and furnaces. I'm also like to die horribly while pretending to be an explorer.


Why should you be invited?

I'm far more interested in the community part of SMP than running off into the woods and being a hermit. I'd like to work on community builds and shared structures (for example, we don't all need a genetics lab in each of our bases), help others with mods, and go adventuring together.


Hope I can be a part of your server.

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Minecraft Username: ShadowKS




A bit about yourself:currently goint to school for cumputer technician,few more test and the second year is over,im from croatia


Why should you be invited? looking for small ''family'' online,ppl i can have fun with and joke around without fear of being griefed


PS:how to know if im accepted?

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