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Technic pack worlds in Mcedit

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Select the "Open a level" option and find the appropriate folder for your world (%appdata%/Roaming/.technic/[name of Technic pack]/saves).


If you open it like this i'm pretty sure all of the unknown IDs of all the machines and stuff will be replaced by something else...

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I'm not an expert in MCedit but my friend and I got a problem two days ago and we were forced to edit the word to remove a bunch of blocks in order to get the server stop crashing.

We've used MCedit to remove those block and those blocks and those blocks only and saved it.

Re-uploaded the world and everything seems to work perfectly.


So I think that if you don't touch the "future blocks" every thing should be ok.


If someone had better experience with MCedit+Tekkit feel free to correct me though.

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