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[Art Contest] Create artwork to have presented and credited with the "Advetaria" Modpack!


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     Welcome, everyone! I'm looking for someone (or some people) who can make a banner and/or logo. I plan on using these for the "Advetaria" modpack. I plan on choosing a winning banner and a winning logo. I also plan on choosing runner-ups (incase of later cases), but haven't decided what for. I'll PM the winner and the runner-ups 6/21/14 (Saturday, June 21, 2014). The contest ends on 6/16/14 (Monday, June 16, 2014). I WILL give the winner and runner-ups credit UNLESS THEY DO NOT WANT IT. I promise. I'm okay with your creative pictures as long as they follow the following guidelines:

  • Every Image must be appropriate
    -(No porn, no foul language, and no pictures outside of the subject).
  • You can enter a 180x110 logo and/or a 880x520 background.
  • Please make it professional. Not perfect, but to the best of your ability.
  • Whether or not you add a signature to it, I don't care, because it's going to be credited anyway.
  • If you can make a pretty cool screenshot from the modpack, I encourage you to do it.
  • If you can draw it better on paper in real life, please scan it, but please make sure it looks professional.

     Anyone can enter. Make sure that you keep the image(s). Thank you in advance to all of those who participate. :D

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