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i would like to know all the mods that eveyone whants to add to the tekkit main in an update

plese add these mods:

tinker construct (and the addon's)




not minemap but par wrighter

open blocks

the genarators for extra utillatys


i think that is all

i just remembered plz add mekinisam

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Not that there was any danger that somebody listened to you, but still: I am explicitly against adding these mods:


Tinker's Construct: Adds no benefit when we already have Powersuits and Redstone Arsenal


Forestry: Minefactory Reloaded does the same things, and does them much better


Thaumcraft: Has no place in a technic-centric pack


I don't know the others enough to flat out reject them, but you need to make a case for them, not just throw their names around. The generators from Extra Utilities may be convenient, but energy generation is something that we do not currently lack. More in the way of (properly working!) solar, wind and water power would be nice to have.


If you want your sandwich with everything, go and install Feed The Beast.

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I am somewhat skeptical about added mods (however, I must admit that I added some myself):

  • Tinkers Construct adds some early-mid-tier stuff which you might not have with powersuits (which tends to be mid-late-game)
  • MFR is indeed good enough
  • Thaumcraft and Morph are really better suited in Attack of the B-Team rather than Tekkit

I added Advanced Genetics (because IMHO it fits the technic-science-related theme and it uses power), Natura (simply because I wanted the Nether to look a little more alive), Biomes'O'Plenty (which I somewhat question now), Tinkers Construct (as I said because of early and midterm benefit and "technic-sciency" approach).

On the other hand I am a bit skeptical about dimensional doors and mystcraft...other than offering more space in "parallel" worlds, I kind of fail to see the connection in terms of theme...but that is just me.

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Not just you, Rover. I also would not mind DDoors being removed altogether, and I fail to see the point in Mystcraft. Both are off-center for a Technic pack. What I would vastly prefer over DDoors is a strictly technical means to build Teleporters, like IndustrialCraft had (has?) them. That is not enough for me to want IC back, though. QCraft may have something there, but I find that one a little too quirky to use.

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There is no need to add IC2. Thermal Expansion, Extra Utilites and MineFactory Reloaded offers IMHO everything.

Besides, is IC2 for Minecraft 1.6.4 usable (stability wise)?


Well, do as I did...make your own modpack :)

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Guys, you can eddit you posts, no need to double post

Also, the only mod I'd like to see is OpenBlocks, there are some neat building tools in it, and a block for playing sounds IIRC. The only use I see for MystCraft is not destroying your world with quarries, but you can do that placing them in an ocean or underground, the rest of the mod is basically cheating (world made of diamonds with a fuel/pyrotheum/gelid ocean). Also I think qCraft is better than DD for teleporters (harder to craft, but cheaper as DDs require stuff you find in DD dungeons), but I don't use them anyway

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I'm pretty new to this whole thing, but I found it necessary to add 1 mod: Engineer's Toolbox, and for 1 reason: getting Galacticraft solar panels to power Thermal Expansion machines.  


I wanted a fully renewable power source, and the solar panels seemed right up my alley.  However, I couldn't find any way to convert the MJs to RFs.  So I added Engineer's toolbox, really just for 1 block - their MJ Adapter, which does exactly what I'm looking for.  The rest of the mod does seem pretty decent though - it's focused on sort of modular socketed machines, somewhat like a cross between steve's carts and thermal expansion.  


Anyway, unless I missed something and there is a way currently to do that MJ -> RF conversion, perhaps adding this mod would be a good idea.

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However, I couldn't find any way to convert the MJs to RFs.  So I added Engineer's toolbox, really just for 1 block - their MJ Adapter, which does exactly what I'm looking for.

You did not find anything because the Conduits do the converting in the Redstone Flux concept. All levels of Thermal Expansion Conduits will accept RF, and output RF and MJ as needed. But you did touch a sore point there nonetheless: Galacticraft machines are notorious for not cooperating well with TE, or anything really. There is a known bug when using Solar Panels for power generation, although it will rather output too much RF, so it can be considered an exploit.


I, for one, would like to see the numerous Galacticraft issues resolved, or Galacticraft to be removed entirely. I know it has been used to theme the new Tekkit, but it is really in no acceptable shape right now. Automation is a mess, compatibility is quirky to nonexistent, and I don't like the look either.

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