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[3.1.2]FootyInc[PvE][80 slots][Ecom][Time-rank][PlayerMarket][Plugins]


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FootyInc FootyInc - TekkitClassic Is OPEN !!!!

For the grand opening We Are Releasing Three 100% discount for the Donator Rank, Hurry First Come FIrst Serve.

Donator Code - PPM4Mrg5QDmKaIC29cpf

Donator Code - SedSISPbLbGO9Dy88Jq3

Donator Code - 4ZLbHQf4rxhdTUhdJ1kG


Please Register On the Website!!!


Hello friends! Footyinc is a tekkit server that is going back to basic our aim is to become the most helpful and caring Tekkit server. We don't take donations as our main priority like most servers. Our main priority is the players.

We try and create a server were players feel a part of a community and share their ideas on how to improve the server.

We have very friendly and dedicated staff that offer as much help as possible. Footyinc is always looking for suggestions and improvements. We take feedback very seriously.

We have many features that will always keep you entertained. One of the major ones is the playing time. You will progress ranks as you play on the server. You will unlock mk1,mk2,mk3 collectors by playing . Unlike most servers that have a method where you will need to donate for them.


Footyinc has a player market and economy to match

The Footyinc team is dedicated to the server and this is because we feel that to host a Tekkit server you MUST put a lot of work into it.

On Footyinc we don't believe in map resets unless it is a serious issue. On that note we have a multi verse dedicated for the sole use of mining


Footyinc has a dedicated PVP hub with mob arena, player v player arena, maze arena, and capture the flag arena

FootyIncNetworks Has it very own Software Developer Who Is Currently Studying in University on Software Development and has good knowledge on Java. Our software developer create a majority of custom plugins for Footy-Inc and this allows us to unban a lot of items. Our Software Developer also takes in custom plugins order to help support the server.

Custom Plugin Created


1.CreativeInv - Separates Creative and Survival Inventories

2.CreativePolice - Prevents Open of Chests,Dropping items, planting Certain items in CreativeMode.

3.RIghtClickPrevent - Stop Right Clicking of Specified Items.

4.AlcChestDupe - Prevents Teleport With AlcChest.

The server rules and banned items are on the Footyinc website

These are only a few of the plugin created by Our Developer.

We Are Using a Free Banner as our custom Banner is still been created.

Come Check us out if you want to just play Tekkit-Classic on PvE With your friends.





When You Join the Server Make Sure to Read the Rules to Proceed.



Server IP - FootyIncNetworks.mcnode.net

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I created a reply to the last Mod as i didn't see the Rule for bump, The reason for this post is because after I seen the rule for bump I than replied to the mod. 


And for your post can You Be more specific because "Do you see it now"  Kinda Looks like a childish Reply. Not been rude but For company like Technic that benefits from download times and traffic Id expect more professional replies to users even for enforcing rules or helping.


Again Sorry if this looks like rude post but All ask is not to be talked to in a childish manner.

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I'm sure as heck not getting paid. Are you getting paid Munaus?

I wonder if I should be claiming my time here on my taxes. Maybe it works as a charity thing?



Pro-tip kiddo, the only people who go completely butthurt about being treated like children are children. Your desperate fight to be treated like a mature adult just highlights your immaturity.

Now try behaving like an adult Which includes learning and following the laws of the land.

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Trolling is the act of causing strife just to cause strife. There is no point to it, just a childish desire to break things.


Our posts have a point, which is to get you to either follow the rules or leave.

We're not trolls, just assholes.

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If I and Neo were employees of a company, then I'm pretty sure we would've lost our chances to employees of the month-title now.


You have no reason to be butthurt Networks. If you wish to be treated as an adult, then try acting like one

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Please Remove My Post. 


Didnt Come on here to be talked to by a pair of mindless trolls

no, you just came here to ignore the rules and then get huffy when they are enforced, clearly.  do you hear that sound?  that's the sound of the world's smallest violin playing "hearts and flowers", just for you.

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