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Mad science mod

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I watched the attack of the B-team on YouTube, and found it very fun to watch.


I don't know where to suggest a mod for the modpack, but I think this mod would fit in very well (especially for Generikb).

It's about mad science, like extracting DNA from mobs, mixing their genomes together and injecting them into spawn eggs.

It also includes clay furnaces, the vox-box (from half-life), using villagers as a power source (like in The Matrix), etc.


The mod is located on the minecraft forum (I cannot paste the link for some reason, just Google it)


It also has a wiki (which can also be oppened by pressing the Pi simbol in the GUI of any machine):


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I recommended this, its an awesome mod. However i think the reason its not added is an incompatibility thats annoying to fix. Tell gennyb or bdubs on their comments, maybe they just haven't seen it yet and I'm wrong about the incompatibility. If they tell the developers to add it it probably will happen. They basically control all the mods added/removed, minus configs and that stuff.

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Well i commented it on youtube, but I don't do tweeter.

Someone else do that.

But seriously, that mod is mad.

BTW A big red button will probably be ready in the next update, I already made a model for it.

PS:you can post ideas for mob crossbreeds on their page

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