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Chain mail recipes show ingredients as fire


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All the recipes for the various pieces of Chain mail armor are showing as flames in the appropriate slots.  Does anyone else have this problem?  If so I'll report it through the appropriate channels, but I don't want to send a modder running in circles if the problem is unique to me.  So far it is persistent through complete shut downs of the game and launcher and rebooting the computer.


Thank you!

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Vanilla Minecraft is responsible for this gem. They wanted to keep Chain in the game, but remove the ability to craft it from players. So it crafts out of fire.

You can obtain pieces of Chain (rarely) from dungeon chests, and a little more commonly from Zombies and Skeletons wearing it, with a low chance to drop a part. While you cannot craft it, you can repair the pieces you obtain in an Anvil or Auto-Anvil using just Iron Ingots. Of course using the Auto-Anvil and Mob Essence is recommended in Tekkit.

Diamond Armor is still better, by the way. You should only do this if you especially like Chain for its rarity. It's beaten even by Iron Armor.

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Thanks for the heads up, guys!


Re: wanting the chain mail.  I am playing with my God-son who is 9 on peaceful.  He wasn't interested in the armor for its protective qualities but rather its "look."  Thanks for the advise though - always welcome.

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If you set up a Peaceful Table, you will be able to farm Chain parts, although it will take a while to get a full set.

The Table needs an adjacent inventory with free slots to drop its loot in, and there also needs to be at least one sword in there that the Table will use to kill the mobs it spawns. You won't see those mobs, but hear them die if you stand close enough. The Table only works on Peaceful difficulty, and of course needs to be chunkloaded.

As it will spawn/kill the mobs acoording the biome it stands in, you could set one up in a Nether Fortress for Blaze Rods, or in a Taiga for Blizz Rods, among other things. Armor parts will drop everywhere in the Overworld, but nowhere in the Nether.


Have fun, you two.

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