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We are looking to expand our community and add players! Our AotBT server offers grief prevention and economy plug-ins, allowing you to trade for items or in-game currency while allowing you to build without fear of griefers. Players of all ages are welcome, but immaturity and rule-breaking won't be tolerated. Stealing or abusive behavior will get you banned, and no one wants that! 


Our servers are hosted on a dedicated server to give the best performance, near-perfect up-time, and flexibility.


To apply, post here with your IGN, timezone, and favorite mods!!


To apply, please go to our website, www.geo-craft.com, and click the "Apply" button. Fill out the few fields, and I will be notified of your application faster which will get you playing faster! ;) I don't collect any personal information, and you won't be getting any emails from us unless it is a response to an application or question. Feel free to ask any questions you have here in this thread!


Thanks for taking a look at our thread and I hope to see you in-game!





tldr; Geo-Craft servers include Vanilla, Attack of the B-Team, Agrarian Skies, and Yogscast Complete. We are a small, white-listed community looking to add new members. All servers run on a dedicated server!!

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Hey namico,


are you sure im whitelisted?

I cant connect to the server.

I keep getting the error: not whitelisted




I just sent you an email haha. Yeah, that's really weird that it won't let you on. I re-added you to everything and reloaded the list, so give it another try and let me know if you're able to get on or not. Sorry!

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