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Spawn Rates


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I just started a new private local server for lan play. I'm using a completely fresh server 1.2.9e of new tekkit. I just downloaded and ran.

We are more interested in just building a town and having a fun than the hardcore survival that seems to be modern minecraft and this server. I'm looking for a little tamer experience but I don’t want to remove monsters completely.

My question is how can I change the monster spawn rate in the server?

Previous servers in years past I was able to modify the bukkit.yml file and dial back the monster spawn rate from the default of 70 to a setting I enjoy more. It seems this file no longer exists. I have looked at the server properties file and difficulty is already set to "1". Where is the new version of bukkit.yml file with all the properties I can modify?


Edit: Just realized I should probably have posted this on the Server Op Swap Shop, but to my credit, that’s not exactly a descriptive name for a server issue forum. Thanks anyway.


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With the description "Share your server secrets with other server owners, or aspiring newbies" I dont even consider that to be a help section.


And I hope you realize bukkit will not work with modpacks right? Bukkit loads plugins only, not mods. Cauldron (formerly MCPC+) offered mods and plugins to be loaded together but they have since been taken down due to a DMCA notice. Bukkit was also taken down due to DMCA reasons.

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I cannot answer your question, but offer a playable alternative. You could opt to set the game to peaceful until you built up production and have some decent personal gear, which is the way I tend to play often. A Peaceful Table will supply you with the necessary mob drops until you are ready to set difficulty to normal again and source your drops from a mob grinder.


And a plug-in question from myself, in case anybody can answer it. Is there currently a way without adding further mods to lower or disable just the spawn rate of creepers? Those are the prime reason I tend to play on peaceful. I just don't have the lifetime to waste on building up in hours what those trolls will then destroy in a second.

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Without adding mods? Not without the use of plugins (which i guess is a mod) - granted you just do /gamerule mobGriefing false (maybe its doMobGriefing or allowMobGriefing....ehhh use /gamerule to see which one it is if it isnt mobGriefing) and this would disable blocks being destroyed (most of the time - a few bugs with mod blocks) when creepers blow up, it also disables endermen from taking blocks.


Edit: Wiki'ed :D

mobGriefing - Whether creepers, endermen, ghasts, withers, rabbits, sheep and villagers should be able to change blocks and whether zombies, skeletons, and zombie pigmen can pick up items
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Curunir: I know the Mo Creatures mod would allow a user to adjust the spawn rate of all creatures individually. The thing is I don’t know if that mod is still used or even compatible with servers. Its was a good mod a few years ago and the turtles it added were adorable.

I have not played Minecraft much in about 2 years so that’s why I'm so behind on my server knowledge. For all I know bukkit is some kind of weird sex act from japan, or the slang term for a pickup truck in South Africa. All I know is adjusting the spawn rate in that file worked and I'm just trying to recreate that same effect with the new recommended server.

It seems there is no way to adjust the spawn rate of a server without a mod or pluging (what ever the difference is). Ok, so then the question becomes, what mod or plugin would allow me to do that without installing anything different on the client side?  I don’t want to have to mod my Girlfriends client beyond using the technic launcher, as she plays on a mac.

Thanks for the suggestion on disabling the mobgreefing. That is a great idea  and I had no clue that was an option. This will be a good temporary solution until I can figure out how to reduce the span rate.

Thanks for the replies. Most forums I try never get a reply.

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Mo'Creatures, yes, that brings back memories of ages past. But it turns out that the mod is still alive. May still be useful for what you want to do.


For all I know bukkit is some kind of weird sex act from japan, or the slang term for a pickup truck in South Africa.

That would be bukkake, which is an invention of the Japanese porn movie makers.


As for the name Bukkit, I believe it's a deliberate misspelling of bucket. It's a plugin enabler for Minecraft servers (iirc), while Cauldron used to be the real server customization tool. Not easy to handle, and also recently beset by legal issues. Cauldron is (was?) the successor to Forge, so it may be necessary to set this up for Mo'Creatures to work. Good luck hunting down the files.

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