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Metaknight's Adventure Pack: Simple adventure Modpack (15+ mods)


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I have made a working Modpack, at first it was just a testing Modpack, so that's why the link has a strange name, I have no idea how to change the name. This pack was made with low-spec computers in mind, making this run really well but still have the adventure you desire.




At that link you will find the mod list, the permissions, and pretty much everything you need to know about it.

But here's the basic just of it:

Zelda Sword Skills

Battlegear 2

Dungeon Pack

Smart Moving

Roguelike Dungeons

(Note that this list is not the complete mod list, just the particularly big mods.)


So...Yeah, I'm kinda nervous as this is the first time I am doing a "Hay guys I made a pack." kinda thing...But anyway, enjoy the pack! :)


I have added Damage Indicators, AbyssalCraft, Inventory Tweaks and Battletowers, enjoy! :)


Never mind about AbyssalCraft, it needed a later version of forge which the later version breaks Zelda Sword Skills.

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