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The Plague Corporation *Mod Edit* Dis shit's wikked awesome yo.


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I found a critical Bug in the Client startup routine.

If an update is available, do the following steps to glitch out of the Plague Corp software.

1. type the main password.

2. Now the message "Update available" will appear. Press "n" and then Enter.

3. Now press "y", then Enter and you are in normal CraftOS where you can write / edit programs to hack into the servers.

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"Some spawning had to be made if i accidentally broke something and some creative to get out of difficult places." means that spawning has been used and creative has been used. Both are true, i just dont tell the amount to make sure people wont go "Ah fuck this was all creative. This sucks donkey balls."

I also cant remove posts on my own threads, i may be wrong. Only mods can.

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I thought the math showing the amount of HV solars you used proved it was creative, but meh.

As said before, the computer programs handling it are the impressive part, so no panty-twisting.

You can't just cheat in good programming.

Though if you want better suggestions on handling your machines basic operations, I'm open to questions; seems an awful lot of this resolves consumption issues by throwing power at it.

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Yeah the solars do give off the fact of creative.

But now people can download the CC files and really cheat in the good stuff :D

And so far i have solved my power problems by adding more solars.

Off topic, i dont like that the forum automatically turns doubledotD to :D, is there a way to turn it off that every smiley is not an image?

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Get what?


You know what, it sucks to argue about practically anything. Plague Corporation was made 100% in creative and so was Undercorp. I dont care. I enjoyed making Plague Corporation and i will enjoy making it better.

So why did you make it sound like it was made in survival?

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I will definitely be creating an entire complex governed by CC just like this, except I'd like to have more than just a processing station...I'd like to add a nuclear reactor system to the whole thing to power some of the higher draw stuff...just to have it, I know the HV solars provide plenty of power...it would still be cool to have an entire nuclear reactor controlled by a CC system. Just wanted to say AMAZING WORK. NO words can describe your amazingness.


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