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The Plague Corporation *Mod Edit* Dis shit's wikked awesome yo.


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I just compared my current skills against the skills i had when i published the Corp. Oh how i have gotten better, i learned how not to use BC and why RP is awesome. I also moved on to FTB, mainly because it has the full support of the modders and has more updated mods.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this. I will probably release the world with all the other stuff my friends have there, im sure they wont care. (Im not sure if the world works anymore though). I am not updating the Corp anymore. If you have used the code i released, thank you. That was one of the main purposes i uploaded it for.

I do have a "sequel" going on in FTB, the Lucky 69. If you happen to be even slightly interested, type "ftb" into Google and find me on the forums. Oh and elmarko? If you're reading this, you get a medal for being the first to tell me you remember me from here.

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It still counts as BC if it's an addon for BC. And BC has Redpower well beat in that, considering Eloraam doesn't even allow people to make addons most of the time.

Why not, I wonder? A lot of good stuff in IC2 came from addons. Advanced Machines besides the Induction Furnace, Compact Solars, Charging Bench, you name it.

BC gained advanced wooden pipes and phased pipes and such from addons too.

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Happy happy joy joy everyone! Here, have the save file of the Corporation: http://www.mediafire.com/?ch86dt4l68v1s7m

It contains some stuff made by my friends and some old unfinished projects. Do whatever you wish to do with it but please, for the sake of the integalactic law, do not release your versions without mentioning me AKA crediting me.

Note: the file is ~83 MB zipped.

Oh and another thing; if you happen to find someone claiming this map is his/hers, do kick his/hers sorry ass all the way to the galaxy of Andromeda and why not even beyond that.

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