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The Plague Corporation *Mod Edit* Dis shit's wikked awesome yo.


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and there would be no point in refining materials as macerated mats are the same value.

Actually, when you macerate it gives you two dust of the ore, dust has same value as ingot, double EMC from everything if it just goes through the Macerator. I find it very useful for early game advancement.

Personally, I see no difference between putting things into EE machines/devices or putting them into anything else [see: Shadow, "there would be no point"], but it's just personal preference I guess.

I was saying that EE would remove the need for furnaces, which is the exact argument you posed to me. For myself, if you're going to use it to remove a step, what is the point of just the one step when you can bypass the whole process?

Still, I wonder if you could use RP2 to pull an item into a collector and generate them, then shoot them over to a trading machine on cue... Perhaps even a item detector to send a pulse to a CC terminal and subsequent board to show stockpiles? We've already seen it partially done here.

use something like mcedit but its outdated so use something else to take the chunk and turn it into a downloadable file

Worldedit saves the specific item ID's to improve compatibility; it works with Tekkit as long as the end-user has the same item ID's (which is always necessary for a map). Unsure about entities however, and of course CC scripts are not stored in the world file.

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Well, WorldEdit used to be pretty bad about tile entities, though it could be much better now.

Also, MCEdit is not outdated, it just has a new maintainer who has been updating it for 1.2+.


There are the CC programs but a world download will not come. Ever.

Anyway, thanks a lot, again, for the CC files, Backplague, and if I use anything from it I will be sure to credit you!

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The light server does not control the lights, only checks whether they are on or off. Use an external lever or a computer to control them. The image of the server room tells how i have it setup (the leftmost computer).

I updated the download; fixed the names and edited the readme. The readme now contains ID's for each server. Get the new version here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5e4lp2jb0hehkol

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Ok listen up Blackplague.

Well done. I am seriously impressed. The computer alone is really amazing and I hope you know that. I don't know how to even attempt what you did. Sure I could download the whatever and hump the whoozit and try to impregnate the whatchamicallit, but that would only result in a gooey mess and not what you've done here. So, take some pride in this and enjoy that medal. It's well earned. From here on out I will look at my factory with absolute contempt and hate, and you're to blame for that.

My drink is raised to you sir.

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Quick question, how did you get managed of those item overflows? Example: If you put like 8 different types of ores in 3 Rotary Macerator, first they only get put in the first slot of the macerator and if all macerator are full the rest gets dropped...

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I got a FAQ for you :d:


Whats this little thing at his hat?

Thats his medal.

Why is his name yellow?

Because he got a medal.



Why not :( ?

Because somebody will claim it as his (or hers) and he dont wants to slap around with this.

But I'm his best friend if he gives me the save and i'll give him every Minecraft diamond i have and he HAVE to give it to me because i can add a Poop gas generator and.......

Shut. Up.

Ok, I know its a little overdriven at the end but... yeah just look at the technic FAQ :D

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