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Dangerous Depths - Because Living isn't Easy


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Ever get tired of starting a game and having full automation mining within an hour? Does the hunger mechanic seem like an annoyance rather than your lifeline? Does the lack of realistic physics annoy you? Dangerous Depths carries the theme that work is required to accomplish anything. There is no easy button that creates something out of nothing. Blood and sweat (literally) will earn you not only rewards, but a sense of accomplishment.

But don't worry! Dangerous Depths still contains many of the popular mods including Thermal Expansion, MineFactory Reloaded, Harvestcraft, Tinker's Construct, Buildcraft, Forestry, Railcraft, and even Ex Nihilo. However, most of them have been reconfigured to promote the modpack's theme.

The pack makes use of the "Hunger Overhaul" and "EnviroMine" mods, substantially increasing you chances for death. These mods add mechanics for a demanding hunger system, hydration, body temperature, air quality (when deep underground), sanity. The world also has improved physics so be careful of collapsing blocks.

This modpack is an assembly and balance of mods designed to complicate living in Minecraft, while still providing you with high-tech gadgets and machines. Its very difficult to fast-track technology as the risks of starvation, dehydration, and heat-stroke/hypothermia put you in a constant battle just to stay alive.

The addition of the quest book into Dangerous Depths is meant to help players new to the survival mechanics, as well as promoting players to explore the landscape looking for things that will unlock new quests. It also aids in introducing players to the basics of several of the more complicated mods the pack uses.

This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.

Suggested Minimum RAM:

-Single Player - 6gb
-Multiplayer Client - 4gb
-Dedicated Server - 3gb

Planned Future Changes:

-Add Minecolony (once released)
-DTI resource pack addon designed for Dangerous Depths (WIP)
-Fully rebuilt and more linear questbook (WIP)

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I don't mind as long as I'm given credit as the modpack author. A link to the technic page wouldn't hurt either. (shameless plug)


However, the 1.2 version of the modpack will be a substantial overhaul so you may want to wait. It'll offer a lot of new features that won't disrupt the balance or theme including a questbook, space travel, and balanced magic system. Because of the changes, it won't hold save compatibility. Not much I can do about it.


The update is mostly done at this point. I just need to build the first chapter or two of the questbook. I expect to have it ready within a few days. After that, any updates will be minor as I expand the questbook and make tweaks.

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Version 1.2 is officially launched and should be available to play now.


This update breaks save compatibility with previous versions.



New Features:


-The Ars Magika 2 system for spells and rituals

-The ability to travel beyond the surface of the overworld and explore the moon, mars, and asteroids

-The first chapter of the questbook designed to help newer players and promote exploration

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Just released update 1.2.3. It corrects a few recipe issues that existed, fixes the camelback quest, adds a few new quests and quest rewards, and adds temperature mechanics to all metal armors and TE machines.


Next update will (finally) address galacticraft issues and add in a quest chapter designed to get you into space and help you survive. Expanding the questlines dedicated to Ars Magika and gaining access to the Deep Dark will be further in the future.

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Update 1.2.4 launched. It corrects several compatibility issues regarding galacticraft, as well as adding in Steve's Factory Manager and Hardcore Darkness.


Steve's Factory Manager allows you to create logistics flow chains using a flowchart interface. Its a bit complicated to use, but can allow for automating absolutely anything including vanilla objects such as furnaces and dispensers.


Hardcore Darkness is mostly just a visual effects mod meant to augment Dynamic Lighting. It creates a much darker night a severely reduces your line of sight in any dark environment. In a light less area (such as underground), the lack of a light source means you can't even see your hand or the block you're standing on.


Next update will add the last few mods that I'm looking to integrate which are late game tech. From then on, I'll be working on expanding the quests and getting the serverpack built.

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A teaser for a feature for Update 1.3

(Click to enlarge)




Update 1.3 will be the last major revision before the release of the Serverpack. It'll feature the return of BuildCraft (with major revisions) to the pack, as well as adding in several new visual mods including Back Tools, Mob Dismemberment, TicTools, and Hats. And for those who are having a love/hate relationship with the new darkness levels, the ability to change your game's brightness level is also being removed.


New content mods will include BuildCraft, Tinker's Smeltery, Random Things mod, and Chisel.


This update also includes all the numerous fixes that I've been meaning to get to, including fixing the Physics for all Galacticraft dimensions. Which means your station will no longer break apart and fall out of orbit (I wish I'd gotten a screenshot of this).


As a word of warning about Update 1.3: Beware the Bloodmoon...

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You shouldn't have any problems. I'm only removing 5 small mods from the list (2 of which were non-functional anyhow). There won't be anything that breaks world generation or save game so you should be good. When you first load the save after installing Update 1.3.0 the game will warn your about removed blocks. Just tell it to continue and that should be the end of the issue.


Someone who has encountered a Galacticraft oil lake might get a weird result as Galacticraft oil will be disabled and replaced by Buildcraft oil. But it shouldn't break save compatibility. It'll either leave the lake as it was, replace the lake, or you'll have an empty cavern.


Update 1.3.0 Removal List:

-Removed ArchimedesShips mod (consistantly crashes)
-Removed AOBD mod (served no purpose)
-Removed Flat Signs mod (replaced by MoarSigns)
-Removed Steve's Factory Manager (unbalanced and redundant with Buildcraft)
-Removed Balkon's Weapons mod (redundancy and recipe overlaps)
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