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[1.7.10] Magical Divination - Official Server (White-List) 20 Slots

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IGN: Vetegrisen

Age: 12 (and i know what you thinking of not letting me join beacuse im only twelve but im a lot more mature than kids in my age most people that i play with think that anyway)

Random fact: doctor who and sherlock nerd and love anime and swedish okay that was three :3

why you want to join: well i love magic and survival and i want to play on a server with not to many people and maybe meet new friends

other games i enjoy: most survival based games like stranded deep and i also like citites skylines

what experience of minecraft mods i have: well i play a lot of modpacks and i know most of how the magick modpacks works

any comment/questions about the server?: not really :3


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Updated to version 1.1.3

Changelog Client

- Updated Botania to latest stable
- Updated DragonAPI to latest stable
- Updated GeoStrata to latest stable
- Removed "Agressive Update" configuration from DragonAPI and Geostrata
- Added more loot to random generated dungeon and battle tower chests
- Began creation of Official Wiki that has a "Getting Started Guide" for new players. (http://tinyurl.com/lc5mqo8)


Changelog Server

- Reduced Difficulty modifier on Lyanite's Mobs
- Reduced light level at which Shades and Phantoms will spawn
- Reduced overall difficulty level of server
- Enabled Warp Command to allow players to create WarpPoints
- Enabled Home command to allow players to set a home location
- Server-side update to DragonAPI, Botania, and GeoStrata
- Disabled Geostrata Ore spawn in the Twilight Forest dimension
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IGN: WakiCritz_YT

Age: 13 years young.

Random Fact: I'm actually very intelligent for my age.

Why I want to Join: For the sake of RPG! Quests... Curency... Do I have to say more? You got me at the name for crying out loud!

Other Games I enjoy: Forest, Dirty Bomb, CoD Bo3, Elderscrolls Series, World of Warcraft, RIFT, Unturned, BorderLands II, The list can go on and on... FPS's are way up there =]

What experience with Minecraft Mods: I have tinkered with a few here and there... For the most part I'm a scrub with any technologically advanced altercations to the game... But RPG mods and Dungeon Crawlers I'm aware of.

Any Comments /or/ Questions about the Server?: Is there layers to the Currency system? Like Copper->Silver->Gold etc.? Or minecraft ores? [WILL YOU ADD THE MORPH MOD?]

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This server has been superseded by this server. The Magical Divination server is the foundation of the Fairy Tail server however the mods have been tweaked and altered. The server linked below is open to all. So feel free to come join us! Anything in Magical Divination is also in Fairy Tail with the exception of a few mods. However the Modpack for Magical Divination is still available.

Edited by HalestormXV
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