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[1.2.9g] infernoworldorder | No Banned Items | Dedicated | No Donations | Towns | Mature Players [2,000]


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Join @ tekkit.infernoworldorder.com

TS3: ts.infernoworldorder.com



  • No Banned Items
  • No Restrictions
  • No Disabled Mods
  • Protection/Towns
  • Offline Chunkloading (Dim Anchor w/fuel)
  • Item Based Economy
  • Small Community (Mature Players Only!)                   
  • No Donation Rank, Fully Featured for All 
  • 2,000 assigned slots


This server is for Adult/Mature players only.

The World was generated November 1, 2015. 

Anyone is welcome to join if you consider yourself mature; also, we keep a pretty relaxed feel to the server. 

This is not a donation server NOR is this to make money. All features are enabled for everyone and you can get anything changed by a majority vote. The goal is to have a strong small community where everyone helps everyone and to just have fun!

If you think you can handle that, check us out! 

Sacred Rubber Sapling has been removed.


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there is no mention of how many slots you have. What is the player limit? do you want 20? 50? 100 players?

:^) The server is set to 2,000 slots right now. We will take what we can get, as long as we can hold. Hosted before with this hardware around 55-60 at at time without any issues. 

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Moved the server to a new data center - Much better internet connection. 

why is the server offline

hey bioman, it was offline for about 2 hours because of an issue with the Deep Dark that day, but its been resolved. Today we moved to a new data center, so it was briefly offline today as well. Also, I sent you an in game mail a few days ago. Check it please and let me know. /mail

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server will be offline for about 24 hours. Generating the world for a new server (The 1.7.10 Pack) and need all the resources.Please stand by. The Tekkit Server hasn't gone anywhere and all builds are safe.


Anyone trying to join will get an error for whitelist during world generation. Check back tomorrow for an update or use the websites forums.

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This looks quite nice but one striking thing is that it has 2,000 slots yet you use "small community" as one of your features? Don't get me wrong, I love small communities, but something about those two statements don't add up, is there something I'm missing?

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