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Anyone wants to post GOOD music


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What is all this new fangly-fancied stuff? Let's go back a few years back, and listen to one of the most legendary piece of sound ever created by humanity.


Also, I totally agree with Jay?, far too much mainstream around here, a little worse and we're going to start getting LMFAO, for fuck sake.


And some more Quebecer music too. What about some GodSpeed You! Black Emperor?

This page is now a googleplex% cooler.

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That, coupled with Pink's song, make me believe that girls don't want any manly presence...

What happened to the time when we rocked your world?

When hearts were on fire, burning by desire?

Or is it just an neverending battle?

Oh well, atleast I am indestructible... and if things go ugly I'll just go roadrunning away.

Who cares, though, She does it right, anyway.

But you should know, girl, without you it snows in hell.

This post... It made me cry of joy. Not too much into the girly pop song, but those rocks, well... Well, they rock!

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The start sounded a bit runescapey. But then it took off on a final fantasy eightish and pirates of caribbean, nice mix :D

Seriously dude, do you see me constantly announcing my comedian thread that lies almost half-alive in the 4th page of off-topic?

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