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Anyone wants to post GOOD music


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Hi Everyone!!

It's my pleasure to take part on the discussion here.all members will be cooperative with me. I'm newbie in this Forum. I couldn't get any introduction thread so I decided to introduce myself here. My name is Christopher. My hobbies are like conversation with other members and researching in internet, I am very glad to find a good community Forum. This is my first-post. I joined in this group learned so much here. Now I want to catch more knowledge in this community, decided to join with other members of this forum. I want to share my knowledge and gain from other members. I have a lot of knowledge about Water Filters. Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I will answer for you. I hope all friends will corporate with me.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated !

I am looking for your reply.

Best Regards.


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Two Steps From Hell is amazing

They make music for Trailers and games too (Avatar's Trailer and one of Mass Effect's Trailers used their music!)

I recommend listening to their other albums. My favourite's gotta be Dynasty and The Devil Wears Nada :D

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Guest Ysharma

Put NSFW before that link! Nobody wants that sounded aloud when they are working in the office! The title looked innocent before the guy started singing.


i lol'ed soooooo hard.

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I still think Miku wins, :F, if you don't like melt, just try one of the other songs, I think she already has over 100. (The live party in Sapporo is 1 hour 50 minutes of vocaloid music, now that's awesome) EDIT: woodkid - iron, I don't know what it means, but why would I have to, it was the music of the trailer of AC revelations

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I have something better than Gangnam style!

It's called...


Isn't it awesome when good bands cover good songs in awesome ways?

2012 pop and tard metal? Holy cow, if anyone makes a dubstep remix of that I will kill myself in a relatively hilarious fashion. (or just facepalm, depending on my mood)

Seriously though, I thought we were past Gangnam parodies, and this is just the Crème de la crap.

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