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[Modified Tekkit Legends]The Lands of the Dream[PvE][15 slots][Whitelist][Thermal expansion & Thaumcraft][24/7]

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Custom modpack. Pack is available for download at:
Or if you prefer just paste the link in the technic launcher:

Maximum of 5 people can join the server. You must be nice, may sound weird, but I deem that very important. If you grief or steal you will be permanently banned, no exceptions. You can get help in materials from me or any other member of the server. I can also just give you full gem armor or quantum, if you really want to, I don't have a use for those anymore xD.
The end can be reset as many times as requested, as well as the eldricht (thaumcraft ~ Via pillars)

Pretty straight forward:
-Be nice
-No Griefing
-PvP is enabled, for if you want to have a fun brawl with a friend, not for random killing: NO KILLING
-All other things that are not nice
-You have to add me on Skype, Discord, Curse voice or KiK.
-Do not use or abuse any glitches or bugs.
-Maximum of 1 chunk loader for now, if you live nearby me, we can set mine on a bigger scale. Less lagg for the server

No mods have been removed from the Tekkit Legends pack. May change in the future.
I added: Thaumcraft. Thaumic Tinkerer. Thermal Foundation. Thermal Expansion. Thermal Dynamics

No banned items.

24/7 server located in Amsterdam. People in America will probably will have a little laggspike sometimes. Europe recommended.

Tell me your username via any given communication service and I will add you on the whitelist.
Skype - marcel5436441 - use all the numbers, otherwise you will try to make friends with an account of which I forgot the password.
KiK - HenkFish
Discord: https://discord.gg/0izdZq7x7CCHmxyN
Curse: marcel902 (villager avatar) I am not always active on my curse voice, prefer other methods.


If you ask me reaaaaally sweetly, I might add a mod for you.

My Home and structures:
That's the album of all good screenshots I could take for now.

And ofcourse, I like rail. I like making tracks, so here is a vid of the track: It took me a while to make, I know, its not really a good vid, but movie maker reasons :).

Thats all. Cya


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