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Is this safe


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Nothing is 100% safe. Your account being hacked is determined by your password selection, the amount of your personal information you pass around, and who you upset, among other things. If you are overly concerned about the launcher allowing your login and password to get to someone else somehow, feel free to look at the source code.

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No website is safe, really. There's going to be some computer vulnerability somewhere that someone can exploit and gain access to your system. But rest assured these forums probably don't have any exploits that some raging fourteen year old could copypasta from youtube. Even something like an SQL injection would be far out of their abilities. I do hope passwords here are stored as hashes and not plain text. But, even in the unlikely case of uncrackable security, good ol' social engineering could work.

But again, why would they want to hack your account?

It's highly unlikely anyone who would want to hack your account on these forums possesses the skills to do so.

If you're asking if this website is free of malware, it is. Although you can run noscript if you're paranoid.

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I think he meant the launcher. Which is actually completely safe. You can look at the source code, but I'm guessing that that would be a little beyond you, so I'll explain how this works.

The launcher uses the same login system as normal minecraft - it sends your name and password to the Minecraft servers to validate whether they're real. They don't pass through anywhere else, and if you save your password on the launcher it is saved on your computer, nowhere else. This means that your password is in 2 places and nowhere else: your computer and the Minecraft login servers.

So yeah, this is about as safe as normal Minecraft login.

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Just watch out for this "Jorcer" guy. He will hack anyone in a heartbeat.

whew sorry I'm late guys... I head someone has a legit account that hasn't been hacked yet!? Lets see if I can fix that.

I'm on my iPod but thanks guys I now have technic and tekkit

For now... :devil:

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