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    • By Lord Ptolemy
      If you've read the recent MC account migration (https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/java-edition-moving-house) and you use Technic Launcher (or any other custom launchers), then do not migrate your account (to a Microsoft account) or you will be unable to use the launcher.
      The new auth system that Minecraft uses after this migration isn't support by any MC launchers other than the vanilla launcher, nor do we currently have any information about it so we can implement it.
      When? According to Mojang, you'll be forced to migrate your account starting in early 2021. We hope to have support for their new auth system by then. The migration is currently not ongoing.
      What if I create a new Minecraft account? Minecraft accounts created on December 1st, 2020 and later, are bound to Microsoft accounts already, and won't be able to use the Technic Launcher, or any other third-party launcher, until Mojang/Microsoft create a solution we can use.
    • By Linkyblinky
      Hello, recently I migrated my Minecraft account to change my skin that I've had for 4 years, now that I've done this I can log into the Minecraft launcher perfectly fine but I am unable to log into the Technic launcher, it just says that I have invalid credentials, which is odd because my username and password are both 100% correct, can anyone help me with this issue? I would be really thankful if someone could. Thanks <3
      Instead of typing in my username all i had to do was type in my email adress, hope my stupidity helps people with this problem
    • By mr-tom

      I run a community server. It's currently on 1.7.2 of minecraft. Bukkit is installed, but only to enable Essentials and Dynmap rather than anything advanced.

      I want to migrate to tekkit (without losing my world) and am conscious that I need to wait for tekkit to catch up to my version (which is why I've not moved on to 1.8.x)

      1 - reading around this, am I correct in understanding that tekkit is currently on minecraft 1.5.1?
      2 - I know that I must not ask when the new version is released!
      3 - can somebody confirm which version of minecraft the version of tekkit currently in development is for? I believe this is 1.7.10?
      4 - Migration - changing mods via my server host is as easy as a button press. I'm thinking this would be a process that works as follows:
      (i) Backup!!!
      (ii) Remove all the bukkit stuff, saving off the list of warp point locations etc
      (iii) Set back to vanilla and check the world loads and works
      (iv) Install tekkit, change nothing, check the world loads and works
      (v) Backup again
      (vi) Start messing about with things, stick dynmap and essentials back on and add the warp points back in.
      (vii) Check everything works and create a new backup

      Missing anything?
    • By RyneWilson
      When i add the pack Lapito's Galacticraft Modpack and click play it loads then when on other packs it pops up the minecraft window it re opens the launcher. On some occasions the minecraft window will open then when i try to join a server it freezes as it says im logging in. What do i need to do?
    • By Asmar_Attack312
      HELP! I want to play Attack of the B-Team but the game wouldn't load up. I've already tried to redownoad it, but it still didn't load up. Hope whoever reads this can fix this.
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