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Are IC credits used for anything besides boasting?

They're pretty useful on larger servers, to trade stuff with the trade-o-mat. Problem is that people rather use refined iron to trade, since crafting credits to iron is lossy.

That is, if anyone manages to figure out how to use the damn trade-o-mats. They can be pretty confusing at first.

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I do believe the tbr pack has most of the suggested mods here

There are hundreds of mod that aren't listed here, some may be better than they look at first glance.

A hipster series of packs would be a good option for people to try those unknown mods out.

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I feel like someone needs to take some of the existing main stream mods like IC, BC, EE, RP, and MC and get the developers of those mods together to make a unified mod which combines them smoothly and effectively and call it a baseline mod for making mod packs. Because even in my personal packs for my use only I gather those mods nearly all the time since they are just so useful.

BTW, anyone seen any good magic based equivalent to Voltz yet? Because Voltz unified one central form of power for technological mods, so something like that for magic would be awesome. If anyone has seen one tell me because I've been looking but can't seem to find one.

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Those "staple mods" are already starting to work together a bit more. IC2 Geothermal Generators now accept lava from BC Pipes, and a lot of stuff is also moving to Forge's APIs for tubes, pipes and fluids. Just wait for a bit and things will get smoothed out beyond just having Power Converters.

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