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Game: Why the Avatar above you should be a Moderator


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Epikos1994 should become a moderator because he's a Koala, a mean angry looking Koala.

Aegis Fate should be a moderator because that steely, cold stare indicates focus. Focus can mean that people can do a job accurately. But who cares about that, he has black hair. Everybody knows that people with black hair are superior to those without black hair. cmon, this is like racism 101.

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planetguy should be a moderator because he's pulsing white and hissing... I'm not sure I'm going to last long if I don't say this, especially since that arrow's pointing towards me

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Ziberoo is a robot and therefore part of the growing machine master-race. He is stronger and smarter then pathetic meat-bags and therefore should moderate the lower mud race flesh.

Praise machine overlords! A new dawn is on the horizon. Burn all humans Burn them for delicious energy for new ZiberooTechâ„¢ AA batteries. Get them now at a synthetic dispensary marketplace near you!

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