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Yes, but IIRC, Slowpoke said that one of the main reasons it was created was to rival Technic. I think Teraku is talking about the whole launcher ordeal instead of just the map though. And if Technic didn't exist, there would be no anti-technic fanbase to have, so a whole launcher with different modpacks would probably not exist.

Well, it was Covert Jaguar who said that, rather than Slowpoke. And you never know what kind of baggage individuals bring into stuff like that, so it could just be that that's CJ's motivation rather than anyone involved with FtB. I also agree with Neowulf that these sorts of what-if games are pointless. I certainly don't think anyone involved with FtB would be doing a lot of stuff with modpacks without any prompting (remember, Direwolf, Slowpoke, etc. used to be rather anti-modpack in general, on the basis that anyone who couldn't install mods manually was too dumb to minecraft). But if not for us, there would be others, I think.

It's pointless to play It's A Wonderful Life, and try to guess what would be happening in a community without Technic, because Technic has changed the community a lot with its presence. Things and people would be very different. Who knows, maybe Covert Jaguar would have put together some sort of pack with Railcraft and all the mods he added compatibiity to back in the day (which even back then, was a lot), and things would take off from there, with CJ being the one dragging the community kicking and screaming into the future. You never really know.

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Back on topic of energy production. I am still hoping for high-complexity nuclear reactors. IC2 reactors were complex, but most of the complexity came from being able to correctly arrange its internal components, and once you did, you'd get a maintenance-free power source that lasted as long as you kept feeding it nuclear fuel. Kinda lazy in my opinion, but then again, IC2 never was known for its polish.

What I really want is a comlpex system that comprises, as cmwatford suggested, of many EXTERNAL components that both look fancy (come on, everyone loves fancy multiblock structures with moving parts etc), explain the power generation (IC2 nukers were always silly, generating power out of pure heat), and provide more indepth control and maintenance mechanics. Raising and sinking control rods would control the speed of the nuclear reaction, both being able to create unstable reactors, and providing emergency shutdown options. Reactor shielding would be able to prevent hazardous ionizing radiation from escaping and damaging players or flora/fauna. The internal heat exchanging system would be able to be connected to various steam turbines and outlets, producing atmospheric vapor through heat exchange towers (increasing the frequency of rainy weather) and power through generators.

Yes, I am one of those people. I love my multiblock structures, and I love complex contraptions that require a lot of work to set up. The UE fission reactor is a step in the right direction, but it is still too tiny and primitive.

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Mind linking to Big Reactors? My Google-fu is failing me...

There is a lot of information and some links here.

Looks pretty good, I loved the reactors in IC2 and I'm glad there's going to be a replacement for new Tekkit.

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I see a lot of talk about "free power" and not doing anything. Perhaps it was just when I sucked at auto-crafting, but, it took me forever to just make a MV solar array; and that wasn't enough power to run much...not to mention the tons of materials it took to make it. I didn't just start making solar power right off the bat. In fact, on my tekkit-lite server (I only play with like 5 people; family) we had all the power generation mods in use....fuel from BC, nuclear reactor, solar arrays, etc. We used it all because it was fun to setup. I think that's the point from Aurrin. There's talk about choices...what real choices do we have on which power? It appears linear. I'm not trying to say "bring back free power or bring back IC2". I'm really looking foward to the future of Tekkit and power options. I think we are just crying for new toys to play with, and, we are upset (we = the ones who liked IC2 power) that not only do we not have newer toys (power) from tekkit lite, but, some power options have been taken away. Again, I know the mod devs are going to do great with new power options in the future, so please don't take anything stated in this post as a complaint. I'm just trying to explain to those who didn't understand why some are crying about IC2 going away.

I don't know how this could be incorporated, but, how about some sort more machines that could create components that you need to make more advanced power. That way, it takes as long as devs decide to make certain components to better power. Here's an example (Sorry, solar panel was the only "OP" power source I could think of and stated in this posting)

Say you need 4 components. You could have 1 machine designed to make 1 of those components and it takes 2 minutes in a machine with power to make. Another machine takes that component and upgrades it to be used in the recipe that is required for a solar panel and that takes 5 minutes, and another component etc etc etc....You could easily designate X power and X time it takes to make some sort of good power supply. At the same time, you can also have a way to "automate" the mundane maintenance task and I would be happy. (It seems that Lemmings has something similar in mind).

I must admit, I was unhappy with the new tekkit launch not having power setups that I was used to and enjoyed as in Tekkit lite. I tried my hardest for a while now to enjoy using BC power. Yes, I know how to set it up; yes it is setup, yes it is automated...I just feel like I'm missing out on things. I might be to the point where I do go back to the Tekkit lite *UNTIL* further power options/endgame goals are decided and chosen in Tekkit lite. And again, I am looking forward to that!

Thanks devs for continuing to improve the modpack to make it fun for us! :)

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In Tekkit there are 67 mods with 18 pages showing in nei , and this is after all the microblocks were hidden from NEI. Do you really think that there is only a linear power progression available? There are a gazillion options. You just need to explore a bit. IC2 is gone because IC2 is dead. Keeping it in isn't even an option. We understand why you are crying about IC2 being gone, but it really is kind of irrelevant why. IC2 is dead. Its so dead its starting to stink. Vultures are gathering. Dead.

However, there are options, many many options. They are not the same options as IC2 had, but there are plenty there.

Not quite sure on what you are suggesting though, it appears to be a system to force a linear progression of power? Which is what you were complaining about?

Edit: derp

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Ok, so, this is what you typed:

"I understand why you are crying about IC2 being gone."

This is what I hear:

"I have no idea why you're talking about IC2 being gone and would like to know."

Perhaps you should re-read what I typed. It really has nothing to do with bringing IC2 back per-say. I said I liked some of the features of IC2 and am hoping that the devs will implement additional power options, as they have stated in the forums that they are going to. So, don't say you understand when in reality, you really don't. I actually sense an attitude in your post, tbh. So, let's talk about some positive things, eh? You mentioned gazillion options for power. I know of the BC engines and the magmatic/steam engine. Can you please tell me what other options there are? I currently use magmatic engines and combustion engines with fuel (I'll go bio-fuel later - I hear it's better). What should I look at next? Lemme mention this again because I don't think you caught it in my previous post even though I posted it a bit....I don't care that IC2 is gone. I just want a void filled. Again....I'm glad Lemmings posted that he was working on something of the sort as well....

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