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Server errors are occurring at the 4 pm server restart. I don't not know what is causing it to crash. I am going to edit the restart times to be at noon and midnight (my time) this would help refresh the server before the afternoon rush.

Also, I am working on getting a couple players to "admin" rank that will have access to the main host console to restart the server in events like this. I am sorry for the problems that have arisen over the last week, i have been working 60-70 hours a week.

To all of my players, please leave me a privet message if you have ways to help out the server. I am always looking to improve it but i am not on 24/7 to see all errors.

Thanks for playing.

Also a special shout out to Rob for making a sweet donation to the server.

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hi gen its Angry emu 65 it says on the spawn wall you are looking for mods I would like to apply

as I have reasonable knowledge of build craft, IC2, EE3, factorization, mine-factory reloaded and limited knowledge

of AE. I am also a player who has never griefed or raided on this server or the last. the only thing that went wrong on

the old world was a faulty unsafe reactor near spawn. (that I told dragon7374) to turn off after I left. I can also help others with things. if you need evidence for this ask the_entity2000 that I helped with a nether pump.

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