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[1.0.5] Horizon [PvP-Toggle][No-Griefing][100 Slots][Whitelist][Disabled DD]


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IGN (In Game Name):

21 (Not that age really has any bearing on how mature a person is)

Why Horizon?:
I've not had very good luck finding a decent Hexxit server. The one's I've played on so far were quite unprofessional and extremely vulgar. I perused around the website and came to the conclusion that you staff appear to be far more professional than that of the other servers I've played on.

What is your goal on the server?:
What's anyone goal in a video game? I just want to play and be able to socialize with like-minded people.

And OMG, JerryKiddo. I remember you from a certain server you used to play on. Hope I get the chance to see you in-game!
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IGN: Skittlesf2000

Age: 14

Why Horizon?: This server seems like it would be a lot of fun. Plus, this thread has a lot of views and replies. It seems to me that most Hexxit servers aren't as organized as this one looks.

What is your goal on the server?: My goal is to be able play on a Hexxit game with other people. I'm really bad at port forwarding, plus I don't have a strong enough CPU processor to run a server like this.

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IGN: Jagobot1

Age: 13

Why Horizon? I would like to go onto horizon because I would like a nice server where I know there wont be any spammers or griefers because all the servers I go on there always seemed to be griefers so I went on to a server that had Greif protection but there just had spammers and now I am getting really angry so i decided to try and get on to a white-list server to see if its any better with no spammer and griefers and I also want to have the best hexxit experience ever.

What Is Your Goal On Horizon? my goal on horizon is to meet new people (beacause I love meeting new people) play alot of hexxit, enjoy the modpack with other people and build epic stuff.

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IGN (In Game Name): Taroyra

Age: 21

Why Horizon?: I've been trying to learn Hexxit since I tried recording a playthrough for youtube and I epically failed on the first night. I walked into Mordor and was greeted by goblins that insta-killed me. I think this would be a really great server for me to learn Hexxit and to not look like a total noob on youtube. Plus I saw Hexxit when it was released and I was ecstatic about it, seeing all of the mods and it called to the ever adventuring minecraftian in me!

What is your goal on the server?: My goal is to learn Hexxit and to help pass on that knowledge to anyone else who may have the same questions I once had. Oh and to rule the world, but that's just a small thing...


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IGN (In Game Name): kingigorXII


Why Horizon?: It seems like a great server and it seems like I will understand Hexxit more and its ropes by playing in a community

What is your goal on the server?: Explore, make friends, fight monster, and build a sweet house

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