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This modpack isn't loading properly on MPserv


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Attack of the B-team is available for quick installation on this server hosting site (version 1.0.5). But it doesn't seem to implement properly. Too many items, the minimap, and a few others seem to load.


But Morph mod, the new blocks, and swaths of other mods don't seem to load at all.


Is this an issue with Wrench? When I download the server files and run them from my computer, everything works flawlessly.


I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had the same issue from MPserv, and I can't seem to get any answers from them.  They've literally directed me to you guys.


"Unfortunately, MPServ did not create this mod pack or the mods inside. We simply added the download link to wrench. If there is an issue with mods not working, your best bet would be to search the forums for that particular mod or pack"



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