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very useful possible mod improving suggestion


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Hi guys, in the last days I rebuilt the GenB's advanced storage system with the project red piping, I liked it so much that I wanted to try to improve it. My idea was to use this system as a portable storage system (imagine the possibilities if you could have everywhere in the world all of your items available, or simply storing your inventory being far from your base..), and I tryed to design a solution for this purpose. At the beginning I tryed to connect an enderchest to the piping system, but it seems that ender chests are not intended to be "sucked" by pipes or even vanilla hoppers, then I took a look at all the blocks available in the modpack and I found something in Random Blocks that captured my attention.. the block called "Player Interface", this block allow to access your inventory (and even choose which part of your inventory) and pull out or bring in blocks from or to it, I think it will works with pipes or hoppers, but the only obstacle to let this system work from remote, it's the activation. I found a very rude way to create a "remote control" using the mods included, using a c4 and its remote control for producing a redstone signal, that seems to work even from chunk unloaded (so even from long distance).
Now that's the point. This modpack it's an amazing combination between improving both the experience of the exploration and the power of the technology. I think that the idea of a simple "cloud storage" system, made by just few blocks in a world so rich of variety of items could be a very interesting thing for all the passionate players of Attack of the B-Team, so my suggestion is to include a simple mod that allow to have a wireless redstone signal.
In the meantime let me thank you so much for the awesome job that you are doing, taking care of this modpack, always trying to improving it and optimizing it for a better user experience.
Hoping that this message will be read by many of you and tickle your mad scientists's soul.
Good night crazy guys. :zoid:



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I like the idea, it's something I had definitely felt was missing - adding drawbridges in the next version is only going to make me wish I had it more :)


I'd guess WR-CBE would integrate well because we already have a bunch of chickenbones core stuff in here;




Edit: I've got no affiliation with the mod and I don't speak with any authority at all in case I made it sound like that, I'm just another player seconding your opinion and offering a suggestion :)

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Honestly, I reckon that's the sort of thing best left to the clever designers. If you give people a block for every function, what's the point in playing the game? You could easily create a remote system using blocks like coloured wool as keys, and so change which TE3 pipe fed the player interface.


Sure, it wouldn't allow the same control as a routed request pipe, but you'd feel like you'd achieved a lot more for doing it. I did a little mining support system in a video, and that took a little bit of design work. It'd have been far less satisfying if I had just crafted a single block and had done with it.

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