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not enough memory?

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Download java with 64-bit, install java. Log out and close Technic launcher. Restart the launcher. It should auto-detect the new java

If not, look up Launcher Options button at the upper right corner when you're on the launcher window.

it looks like this image.png.5deb9a5e83dbc9a10db5a622f8b5ffef.png

click the down arrow on the Minecraft Java Version bar to see if you got the Java version with 64-bit installed. - ignore the Java Args,

Once 64-bit is selected on the launcher you can change the Memory below between 2 - 6 gb RAM, whichever suits your needs and that can be provided by your computer.

Note; if you only have a total of 6gb RAM on your PC, then giving the launcher all 6 will break your game and your PC as you're not giving your own computer any working memory

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